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169306803 Age, gender and ethnic differences in prevalence of overweight and obesity in Asian American college students and their parents using different BMI cutoffs.  
169306802 Higher education classroom management: Kuwait University students' views.  
169306801 Psychological and emotional reactions of college students to September 11, 2001.  
169306800 Perceived parenting styles on college students' optimism.  
169306799 Expectations and perceptions of undergraduate research mentoring: comparing first generation, low income white/Caucasian and African American students.  
169306798 A study of factors that influence high school athletes to choose a college or university, and a model for the development of player decisions.  
169306797 Support services for students with Asperger's Syndrome in higher education.  
169306796 Predicting performance of one-year MBA students.  
163679021 Creating supports for college students with Asperger Syndrome through collaboration.  
163679020 College men and jealousy *.  
163679019 Health issues and service utilization of university students: experiences, practices & perceptions of students, staff and faculty.  
163679018 Academic dishonesty: perceptions of business students.  
163679017 Predictors of white and minority student success at a private women's college.  
163679016 Learning center and statistics department collaboration in improving student performance in introductory statistics.  
163679015 Adolescents' metacognitive knowledge monitoring and academic help seeking: the role of motivation orientation.  
163679014 Racial attitudes among Asian and European American college students: a cross-cultural examination.  
163679013 Factors influencing accounting faculty members' decision to adopt technology in the classroom.  
163679012 Follow-up of advanced placement students in college.  
163679011 Predictors of academic performance of university students: an application of the goal efficacy model.  
163679010 College student attitudes toward pornography use.  
163679009 A survey of burnout among college music majors.  
163679008 Challenges for international students in higher education: one student's narrated story of invisibility and struggle.  
163679007 Balance in the curriculum.  
163679006 Excellence in doctoral education: defining best practices.  
163679005 Eight ways to take more effective control of your life.  
163679004 Analysis of personal study time and leisure among university undergraduates in Southern Nigeria.  
163679003 Effect of test-expectancy and word bank availability on test performance.  
163679002 Acceptability of treatments for plagiarism.  
163679001 Students' perceptions of the residence hall living environment at Kuwait University.  
163679000 Academic performance and advisement of university students: a case study.  
163678999 Community Colleges should award honorary doctorate.  
163678998 Teacher certification tests: logistic regrusing linear and ession models to predict success of secondary pre-service teachers.  
163678997 Service learning and the university student.  
163678996 Acculturation level, perceived English fluency, perceived social support level, and depression among Taiwanese international students.  
163678995 Perceptions of leadership styles of department chairs.  
163678994 The athlete stigma in higher education.  
161282247 Students' positive and negative experiences in hybrid and online classes.  
161282246 Restructuring music's role in the middle school curriculum.  
161282245 A study of Machiavellian orientation among marketing students in Egypt.  
161282244 Physical activity, disordered eating risk, and anthropometric measurement: a comparison of college female athletes and non athletes.  
161282243 African American alumni feelings of attachment to a predominately white research intensive university.  
161282242 A study in Kuwait of health risks associated with using cell phones.  
161282241 Perceptions of classroom belongingness among African American college students.  
161282240 The road to a doctoral degree: co-travelers through a perilous passage.  
161282239 Developing an intervention bridging program for at-risk students before the traditional pre-freshman summer program.  
161282238 A two-generation study of body mass index, energy balance and specific physical activity of college students and their respective parents living in the same household at Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.  
161282237 Dysfunctional relationship beliefs in parent-late adolescent relationship and conflict resolution behaviors.  
161282236 College daughters' relationships with their fathers: a 15 year study.  
161282235 "Mythical realities": college students' constructions of the South Pacific.  
161282234 Influence of an academic workshop on once-undeclared graduates' selection of a major.