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172978006 Getting inked: tattoos and college students.  
172978005 Understanding ethnocultural differences related to college adaptation for first-year undergraduate students.  
172978004 Dieting behaviors of young women post-college graduation.  
172978003 The effectiveness of discipline/judicial processes on catholic campuses as measured by the rate of recidivism.  
172978002 Design piracy: student perceptions of a constructive controversy activity.  
172978001 The Ten Commandments for College Student-Athletes.  
172978000 Leisure time boredom: issues concerning college students.  
172977999 Strategies for student transition to college: a proactive approach.  
172977998 Tattoos and piercings: attitudes, behaviors, and interpretations of college students.  
172977997 Race, drug use and risky sexual behavior.  
172977996 Alumni relationships in the electronic age: an assessment of a permission based e-mail campaign.  
172977995 A cross-cultural comparison of anxiety among college students.  
172977994 Analysis of technology ownership and selective use among undergraduates.  
172977993 Learning activities in the curriculum.  
172977992 National study of student-athletes regarding their experiences as college students (1).  
172977991 Gender differences in student attitude for seating layout in college classrooms.  
172977990 The scholar as change agent: W.E.B. Du Bois.  
172977989 The ABC's of how to succeed in college.  
172977988 Ways to beat the stresses of going to college.  
172977987 "Are you a perfectionist?" A perfectionist scale for college students.  
172977986 Improving students' memory for musical compositions and their composers: mneme that tune!  
172977985 Personal safety practices, beliefs and attitudes of academic staff on a small university campus: comparison of males and females (Part 2).  
172977984 Accountability and discipline in classroom management: case study: Jarash--Jordan.  
172977983 College adjustment among freshmen: predictors for white and Hispanic males and females.  
172977982 Preparing African American counselor education students for the professorate.  
172977981 Acknowledging the "professional" in a professional degree program: waiving the standardized exam for in-service applicants to a MPA program.  
172977980 Effect of gender on the value perception of the young: a case analysis.  
172977979 Cinematic college: National Lampoon's Animal House teaches theories of student development.  
172977978 Diversity in adult experiences and criteria for adulthood among college students.  
172977977 African American college students and stress: school racial composition, self-esteem and social support.  
172977976 Factor structure of the new imaginary audience scale in a sample of female college students.  
172977975 An academic survey of engineering student athletes at a Division I University.  
172977974 Student ratings of teaching effectiveness: an analysis of end-of-course faculty evaluations.  
172977973 The relationship of family closeness with college students' self-regulated learning and school adjustment.  
172977972 Caring for the whole person: guidelines for advancing undergraduate mentorship.  
172977971 What leads students to have thoughts, talk to someone about, and take steps to leave their institution?  
172977970 Solving the problem of promoting distance library services.  
169306816 Social bond theory and drunk driving in a sample of college students.  
169306815 College student sexual morality revisited: a consideration of pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex and childlessness between 1940 and 2000-2005.  
169306814 Women and HIV/AIDS epidemic: the issue of college age girls' awareness in Nigeria.  
169306813 Black undergraduate students attitude toward counseling and counselor preference.  
169306812 Assessing the relationship between campus programs, student self-efficacy, stress, and substance abuse.  
169306811 Apathy and personality traits among college students: a cross-cultural comparison.  
169306810 ISO 9000 and creativity: potential advantages of implementing ISO in community colleges.  
169306809 Quality assurance in the teaching and examination of Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria.  
169306808 Examining students' perceptions of their first-semester experience at a major land-grant institution.  
169306807 Japanese international female students' experience of discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes.  
169306806 The adolescent quest for autonomy: renegotiating a cordial relationship.  
169306805 Personal safety practices, beliefs and attitudes of academic faculty on a small university campus: comparison of males and females (Part 1).  
169306804 Teaching with the lights out: what do we really know about the impact of technology intensive instruction? *.