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179348414 Admission criteria and other variables as predictors of business student graduation.  
179348413 Vegetarian students in their first year of college: are they at risk for restrictive or disordered eating behaviors?  
179348412 Under reporting of cheating in research using volunteer college students.  
179348411 Relationships among stress coping, secure attachment, and the trait of resilience among Taiwanese college students.  
179348410 Utilizing field-based instruction as an effective teaching strategy.  
179348409 Attitudes toward cigarette smoking among college students.  
179348408 Student perceptions of effectiveness: an examination of the influence of student biases.  
179348407 Assessing Holland types on the Internet: a comparative study.  
179348406 Relationship between noctcaelador and aesthetic sensitivity: art-related personality factors associated with college students' night-sky watching.  
179348405 Development and analyses of the coping stress inventory *.  
179348404 Predictors of cervical cancer screening in Asian and Latina university students.  
177412574 Prevalence of careers in psychology courses at American universities.  
177412573 Gender gaps in college enrollment and degree attainment: an exploratory analysis.  
177412572 Traditional and non-traditional college students' descriptions of the "ideal" professor and the "ideal" course and perceived strengths and limitations.  
177412571 Pre-service educator's perceptions of exemplary teachers.  
177412570 Developing a psychometrically sound measure of collegiate teaching proficiency.  
177412569 College students' perceived attributes of Internet Websites and online shopping.  
177412568 University student beliefs about sex: men vs. women.  
177412567 Participants in "friends with benefits" relationships.  
177412566 Faculty attitudes and behaviors concerning student cheating.  
177412565 Parent-child communication to reduce heavy alcohol use among first-year college students.  
177412564 Using DISS-R to compare the dissonance scores of four groups: incarcerated adults, high school, college and university students.  
177412563 Depression and racial/ethnic variations within a diverse nontraditional college sample.  
177412562 Some thoughts on the issue of making the liberal science courses more appealing to academics.  
177412561 Do intervention programs assist students to succeed in college? A multilevel longitudinal study.  
177412560 Student characteristics and expectations of university classes: a free elicitation approach.  
177412559 The role of spirituality among African-American college males attending a historically Black university.  
177412558 A qualitative study of honor students' learning orientations: the rare liberal scholar.  
177412557 College student retention: instrument validation and value for partnering between academic and counseling services.  
177412556 The impact of a program for the disadvantaged on student retention.  
177412555 Effects of listening to heavy metal music on college women: a pilot study.  
177412554 Empowerment of female students for participation in the representative councils in Jordanian Universities.  
177412553 Physical activity patterns of young women post-college graduation.  
172978023 E is for effort: correlates of college students' differential effort expenditure across academic contexts.  
172978022 Helpful hints: an alphabet for student-athletes.  
172978021 Student services and the college classroom: some ideas for collaboration.  
172978020 Educating accountants in corruption pervasive societies: a focus on Nigeria.  
172978019 The use of psychodrama action techniques in a race relations class.  
172978018 Students' academic success and its association to student involvement with learning and relationships with faculty and peers.  
172978017 Assessing strategies for reducing HIV/AIDS scourge among fitness and recreation student clientele of Edo State tertiary institutions.  
172978016 Professional titles in higher education: do they matter to students?  
172978015 An evolutionary perspective of friendship selection.  
172978014 Preliminary examination of safety issues on a university campus: personal safety practices, beliefs & attitudes of female faculty & staff.  
172978013 A study of condom using behavior and its related factors among college students in Taiwan.  
172978012 Congruency between a traditional and an online career instrument.  
172978011 Friends with benefits: women want "friends," men want "benefits".  
172978010 Barriers and nontraditional students' use of academic and social services.  
172978009 Undergraduate international students: a resource for the intercultural education of American peers?  
172978008 Body fat and muscle mass as functions of body water.  
172978007 How to make college tests more relevant, valid, and useful for instructors and students.