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313519309 A History of the U.S. Army's Residential Communities Initiative, 1995 2010.  
313519308 Real estate counseling in class action litigation: determining real estate damages from natural disasters.  
313519307 The failed experiment of Vancouver's 2010 Olympic Village.  
313519306 The case for the return of CMBS.  
313519305 Mortgage fraud: current trends and issues.  
313519304 Retail space in the future: how technology has changed the way we shop.  
313519303 Using historical employment data to forecast absorption rates and rents in the apartment market.  
313519302 Best practices in high-performance office development: the Duke Energy Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.  
313519301 Selection of the winning office investment market: case of Tokyo.  
313519300 Federal forfeiture of real estate in practice: a new form of eminent domain?  
313519299 Editor's note.  
304053371 Skin in the Game: The Past, Present and. Future of Real Estate Investments in America.  
304053370 Real Estate Mathematics: Applied Analytics and Quantitative Methods for Private Real Estate Investment.  
304053369 Social media: identifying the business opportunities: the personal experiences of a social media user.  
304053368 North American port analysis: beyond Post-Panamax basics to logistics.  
304053367 Timely recognition of development profit: a fair value perspective.  
304053366 Retail Sales Set Rent Levels.  
304053365 Valuation and pricing of government land and property: a tip of a Growing Iceberg.  
304053364 Editor's note.  
288539331 Real Estate Issues.  
288539330 The New American FactFinder (or  
288539329 Is commercial real estate an inflation hedge?  
288539328 An analysis of New Markets Tax Credit.  
288539327 The evolution and consequences of Kelo v. City of New London.  
288539326 Renewable energy: headwinds ahead?  
288539325 Editor's note.  
277534949 When the Boomers Bail: A Community Economic Survival Guide.  
277534948 Public-private partnerships: lessons from military housing.  
277534947 Asian tigers and lion kings.  
277534946 Turkey: modernizing through mall development.  
277534945 Seller beware: the impact and consequences to date of Asian investment in Metro Vancouver's real estate market.  
277534944 Go south, young men (and women ...: key investment considerations in Latin America.  
277534943 Investing in emerging markets: China, India and Brazil.  
277534942 Global property outlook and role of real estate in the European financial crisis.  
277534941 Editor's note.  
259467741 The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine.  
259467740 Monasteries, mutuals and investment banks.  
259467739 Reverse mortgages: should the elderly and U.S. taxpayers beware?  
259467738 Creative counseling: preserving the Hawaii Opera Theatre.  
259467737 The value proposition of sustainability: it's in the eye of the beholder.  
259467736 Demand for warehouse and distribution center space.  
259467735 Information overload: emerging academic challenges and their implications.  
259467734 Dispute resolution for all counselors? a new way of looking at our business.  
259467733 Stepping up the game to bring more sophistication to counseling in an expanding, shifting market.  
259467732 Here comes the sun (... and change ...).  
250323997 Emerging Market Real Estate Investment: Investing in China, Brazil and India.  
250323996 Small Business Jobs Act of 2010: impact on the real estate market.  
250323995 Timing the market: you don't have to be perfect.  
250323994 Government property assets in the wake of the dual crisis in public finance and real estate: an opportunity to do better going forward?  
250323993 The income tax effects of health care reform on small businesses and real estate investors.