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96377204 Louisiana Academy of Sciences: abstracts of presentations: 2001 annual meeting.  
96377203 Notes on nesting and litter size of wild swamp rabbits (Sylvilagus aquaticus) in Louisiana. (Short Communication).  
96377202 The terrestrial isopods (Oniscoidea) of Louisiana. (Short Communication).  
96377201 Lysine decarboxylase activity of nonflat sour spore bearers resembling bacillus coagulans.  
96377200 The avifauna of an agricultural wetland complex in the western Gulf Coastal Plain of Louisiana, USA.  
96377199 Floristics and management of pitcher plant bogs in northern Natchitoches and Winn Parishes, Louisiana.  
96377198 Comparative distribution and abundance of catfishes (Ictaluridae and Ariidae) in an oligohaline upper estuary.  
96306521 The elements of a successful National Chemistry Week event.  
96306517 Can computer-interfaced experiments help students understand chemical phenomena?  
96306515 Character education in public schools.  
96306512 A picture and a thousand words: Portfolio writing in introductory biology lab.  
96306509 Rational student assessment in web-based chemistry courses.  
96306506 Beliefs about ozone depletion as perceived by elementary students.  
96306503 A chemical hygiene plan/one school's document.  
96306500 Use of Alka-Seltzer[TM] tablets to investigate temperature effects ([Q.sub.10]) on physiological processes.  
96306497 Incorporating TI-CBL systems into Instrumental Analysis.  
96306494 Mathematica in secondary schools.  
96306491 Medical imaging with light.  
96306488 Cyclic aging studies of EPR using positron annihilation techniques.  
96306485 Measuring the conductivity of high-temperature superconductors in the laboratory.  
96306482 SEM and EDXS studies of chemical corrosion of tungsten carbide coatings on steel.  
96306480 Effect of method of preparation on the ETIR and magnetic character of coal liquefaction catalysts.  
96306478 Development of a vacuum-compatible rotating sample holder for domestic cookware.  
96306475 Alignment and calibration of the Oxford Microbeam at the Acadiana Research Laboratory.  
96306473 Combined boundary and inertial effects for the drag on a sphere at low Reynolds number.  
96306471 Use of students to operate and repair a 5SDH-2 pelletron accelerator.  
96306469 Enzymatic degradation of polyurethane characterized by time resolved static scattering.  
96306467 Java applets for student learning of physics concepts.  
96306465 Development of a cathode positioning system for a SNICS II ion source.  
96306463 Can quarks have several mass numbers?  
96306460 Geometrical effects in the resistance of metals: Part 2.  
96306457 Use of a gradient programmer to study the polyelectrolyte effect in xanthan.  
96306454 Construction of a CCD camera.  
96306451 Construction of an apparatus demonstrating the application of the heat equation to a stainless steel plate.  
96306447 Magnetic characteristics of Fe-Co composite catalysts exposed to Syngas.  
96306444 Corrosion studies of aluminum implanted steel samples.  
96306442 Lineations vs. fractures in outcrop: massaging data in northern Louisiana.  
96306439 Oligocene fishes and sharks from the type locality Rosefield Marl Beds (Catahoula Parish, Louisiana).  
96306434 Spectral reflectance properties of common surface rocks and minerals for carbon dioxide differential absorption lidar.  
96306431 Was Wrangellia formed by the Yellowstone Hotspot?  
96306429 The relationship between physiography and settlement: Union Parish 1826-1900.  
96306426 Ostracodes from the moats of medieval castles.  
96306423 Patterns in water level in wells from the Red River aquifer, Caddo Parish, Louisiana.  
96306420 Paleoecologic reconstruction of the Oligocene macro marine fossils of the Byram Formation in West Central Mississippi.  
96306417 Foraminiferal paleoenvironments of Paleocene Wilcox (60 my) Tew Lake Marker.  
96306415 Marsokhod 1999: remote geologic field study using an unmanned rover.  
96306412 Radar identification of the ionospheric polar cap boundary.  
96306409 Fault related folding near DeGray Lake, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas.  
96306406 The future of computer literacy.  
96306404 Teleconferencing.  
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