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303641383 Helping students to become money smart.  
303641382 Trimodernism and social sciences: a note.  
303641381 Facebook: a bibliographic analysis of the PsycINFO database.  
303641380 An investigation of violence against teachers in Turkey.  
303641379 Examining psychological well-being and self-esteem levels of Turkish students in gaining identity against role during conflict periods.  
303641378 Intercultural miscommunication: impact on ESOL students and implications for ESOL teachers.  
303641377 A qualitative examination of two year-olds interaction with tablet based interactive technology.  
303641376 Video recorded feedback for self regulation of prospective music teachers in piano lessons.  
303641375 The effect of announced quizzes on exam performance: quiz content.  
303641374 Reflections of client satisfaction: reframing family perceptions of mandatory alternative school assignment.  
289619990 The boy factor: can single-gender classes reduce the over-representation of boys in special education?  
289619989 Meta-analytic derivation.  
289619988 Repeatedly answering questions that elicit inquiry-based thinking improves writing.  
289619987 Attitudes of business students on the TARP program: a semantic differential analysis.  
289619986 The benefits of teaching self-management skills to students of psychology.  
289619985 Solution-focused brief therapy: an interventional approach to improving negative student behaviors.  
289619984 Oral communication across the curriculum.  
289619983 The effects of computer use on creative thinking among kindergarten children in Jordan.  
289619982 Perspectives in understanding the schooling and achievement of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.  
289619981 A confirmatory factor analysis of the Teaching and Learning Conceptions Questionnaire (TLCQ).  
289619980 K-12 teachers: technology use and the second level digital divide.  
289619979 Remembering memories about students with disabilities.  
289619978 Assessment of the prosocial behaviors of young children with regard to social development, social skills, parental acceptance-rejection and peer relationships.  
289619977 Empirical analysis of the relationship between student examiners' learning with deliberate test practice and examinees' intelligence test performance.  
289619976 Assisting pupils in Mathematics achievement (the common core standards).  
289619975 Challenging orthodoxy: problem based learning in preservice teacher training.  
272616392 Leadership development expertise: a mixed-method analysis.  
272616391 Project IMPPACT: a psycho-educational problem-solving intervention for children.  
272616390 Cultural schemata--yardstick for measuring others: implications for teachers.  
272616389 Reduced psychological distress in racial and ethnic minority students practicing the Transcendental Meditation program.  
272616388 Effects of concentration disruption on simulated basic rifle marksmanship scores among Stryker Brigade Soldiers.  
272616387 Using drawings to facilitate multicultural competency development.  
272616386 Critical pedagogy towards a sociomoral classroom.  
272616385 Targeting school factors that contribute to youth alienation: focused school counseling programs.  
272616384 Mechanisms and development strategies for teaching thinking to move the role of Jordan universities as the product of the think tank from the faculty members point of view.  
The study aimed at revealing the mechanisms and development strategies for teaching thinking to move the role of Jordan universities as the product of think tank from the faculty members point of...
261080582 Web-assisted education: from evaluation to learning.  
261080581 Blended Spanish instruction: perceptions and design a case study.  
261080580 Intervention strategies with the homeless population.  
261080579 Teaching cognitive-behavioral therapy to undergraduate psychology students.  
261080578 Perceptions of secondary school principals in Saudi Arabia of time management techniques.  
261080577 The relationship between perceived instructor communicative characteristics and college students' conflict-handling styles.  
261080576 Conflict resolution in the multicultural classroom.  
261080575 The effect of announced quizzes on exam performance: II.  
249957361 Creating student-centered learning experience through the assistance of high-end technology in physical education: a case study.  
249957360 The importance of psychological needs for the post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and displaced children in schools.  
249957359 The case for the semantic differential in organizational and business research.  
249957358 Pre-class coming attractions: interest and program awareness in the classroom.  
249957357 Humor on learning in the college classroom: evaluating benefits and drawbacks from instructors' perspectives.  
249957356 Group composition affecting student interaction and achievement: instructors' perspectives.  
249957355 An observational case study of four second grade general education students' academic responding and inappropriate behavior in the presence of a disruptive student with disabilities.