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313160261 Nada R. Sanders. Supply Chain Management: A Global Perspective.  
313160260 Optimal pricing and coordination schemes for the eastern route of the south-to-north water diversion supply chain system in China.  
313160259 Proposed modifications to the cost-benefit analysis decision criteria for road project evaluation to improve decisionmaking.  
313160258 Impact of collaborative transportation management on logistics capability and competitive advantage for the carrier.  
313160257 A comprehensive risk assessment and evaluation model: proposing a risk priority continuum.  
313160256 An exploration of the relational effects of supply chain disruptions.  
313160255 The power and centrality of the transportation and warehousing sector within the US economy: a longitudinal exploration using social network analysis.  
313160254 Introduction.  
313344966 Martin Christopher and Peter Tatham, eds., Humanitarian Logistics: Meeting the Challenge of Preparing for and Responding to Disasters.  
313344965 The North American third-party logistics industry in 2011: the provider CEO perspective.  
313344964 Air traffic controllers' situation awareness and workload under dynamic air traffic situations.  
313344963 The development of benchmarking techniques in airport performance evaluation research.  
313344962 Assessing the nonaviation performance of selected US airports.  
313344961 Route competition in multi-airport cities: an analysis of US air fares.  
313344960 Introduction.  
313344959 Editor's note.  
313344951 Erick C. Jones and Christopher A. Chung. RFID and Auto-ID in Planning and Logistics: A Practical Guide for Military UID Application.  
313344950 John Laurence Busch, Steam Coffin: Captain Moses Rogers and the Steamship Savannah Break the Barrier.  
313344949 A comparison of contract types for procuring trucking services: a case study of a large Swedish retailer.  
313344948 The Chicago-East Coast Corridor: changing intermodal patterns.  
313344947 Low-cost airlines: a failed business model?  
313344946 Benchmarking individual publication productivity in logistics.  
313344945 Reducing the fuel cost of motor carriers by using optimal routing and refueling policies.  
313344944 Introduction.  
313344975 Kevin Cullinane, ed., International Handbook of Maritime Business.  
313344974 Expect the unexpected: supply chain disruption and opportunity for US companies--a business case.  
313344973 Logistics innovation in China.  
313344972 Travel planning: searching for and booking airline seats on the Internet.  
313344971 The effect of risk aversion on manufacturer advertising in a two-stage supply chain.  
313344970 Business case analysis and the confounds of innovation driven by performance-based postproduction support strategies.  
313344969 The challenge of globalization for the logistics industry: evidence from Indonesia.  
313344968 A Tribute to Peter M. Lynagh: 1935-2011.  
313344967 Introduction.  
313344943 Improving freight roadway transportation with dedicated truck lanes: opportunities and issues.  
313344942 Fourth annual logistics faculty salary survey.  
313344941 A survey-based evaluation of logistics and transportation research journal quality.  
313344940 Evaluating transportation research journal quality using the author affiliation index.  
313344939 Long-term orientation of international road transport firms in their relationship with shipping companies: the case of short sea shipping.  
313344938 Transportation relationships in the supply chain: questioning extant theories and methods.  
313344937 Introduction.  
313344958 Christian Wolmar, Blood, Iron, and Gold: How the Railroads Transformed the World.  
313344957 The North American third-party logistics industry in 2009: the provider CEO perspective.  
313344956 An analysis of the relationship between passenger loyalty and consumer buying behavior for network and low-cost carriers.  
313344955 A customer-value framework for analyzing airline services.  
313344954 Airline pricing strategies versus consumer rights.  
313344953 Introduction.  
313344952 Editor's note.  
313160268 Barry B. LePatner, Too Big to Fall: America's Failing Infrastructure and the Way Forward.  
313160267 The law of general average: possible consequences of a resurgence of acts of piracy.  
313160266 Analysis of the round-trip cost of road container transportation in China.