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206852222 Locating manufacturer distribution centers by a fixed-charge model: A case study of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc.  
206852221 How online vendors select parcel delivery carriers.  
206852220 Impact of inventory management flexibility on service flexibility and performance: evidence from mainland Chinese firms.  
206852219 Special focus issue--greater China region.  
201210191 Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us).  
201210190 101+ Actions to Improve Transportation and Logistics Performance.  
201210189 Supply chain contingency planning and firm adoption: an initial look at differentiating the innovators.  
201210188 Finding the proper fleet-downsizing strategies for U.S. agricultural cooperatives: a case of GROWMARK, Inc.  
201210187 The role of strategic security: internal and external security measures with security performance implications.  
194903917 Transport Revolutions--Moving People and Freight Without Oil.  
194903916 Ocean shipping in the Great Lakes: an analysis of industry transportation cost savings.  
194903915 Affiliation of authors in transportation and logistics academic journals: a reevaluation.  
194903914 The independence of independents: influences on commercial driver intentions to commit unsafe acts.  
194903913 Ethanol and the petroleum supply chain of the future: five strategic priorities of integration.  
189552856 Evaluating the private fleet.  
189552855 The status of Owner-Operators under the Canada Labour Code: is change needed?  
189552854 Risk assessment for the security of inbound containers at U.S. ports: a failure, mode, effects, and criticality analysis approach.  
189552853 A model of logistics outsourcing strategy.  
186434036 Contemporary Logistics.  
186434035 A comparative study of third-party logistics in Mainland China and Hong Kong.  
186434034 Diversity in business-to-business information exchange: an empirical analysis of manufacturers and their trading partners.  
186434033 Why do carriers use owner operators in the U.S. for-hire trucking industry?  
186434032 Postponement application in Greater China and its related determinants.  
181814518 Airline Finance.  
181814517 Analyzing mitigation of container security risks using Six Sigma DMAIC approach in supply chain design.  
181814516 The North American third-party logistics industry in 2007: the provider CEO perspective.  
181814515 The role of information integration in facilitating 21st century supply chains: a theory-based perspective.  
181814514 Real-time trailer scheduling for crossdock operations.  
176689817 The Future of Pricing: How Airline Ticket Pricing Has Inspired a Revolution.  
176689816 Are you prepared for a devastating port strike in 2008?  
176689815 Frustrated hazardous material: military and commercial training implications.  
176689814 Retaining passenger loyalty through data mining: a case study of Taiwanese airlines.  
176689813 The risk adjustment of required rate of return for supply chain infrastructure investments.  
171140045 International Logistics: The Management of International Trade Operations.  
171140044 The Encyclopedia of North American Railroads.  
171140043 The emerging global direct distribution business model: industry and research opportunities.  
171140042 Rail Freight in Europe: different perspectives on achieving higher service levels.  
171140041 The heartland fast-freight rail system.  
171140040 Predictive methods for using capacity data to estimate market shares and the extent of risk pooling by airline alliance partners under parallel codesharing.  
171140039 Modeling rail-rail exchange operations: an analysis of conventional and new-generation terminals.  
167507808 Global Competition in Transportation Markets: Analysis and Policy Making.  
167507807 The U.S. Harbor maintenance tax: a bad idea whose time has passed?  
167507806 Financing port dredging costs: taxes versus user fees.  
167507805 The North American third-party logistics industry in 2006: the provider CEO perspective.  
167507804 Horizontal cooperation in transport and logistics: a literature review.  
167507803 Core competencies and sustainable competitive advantage in air-cargo forwarding: evidence from Taiwan.  
163470476 Securing Global Transportation Networks: A Total Security Management Approach.  
163470475 Logistics development in China: a provider perspective.  
163470474 Developing a theoretical framework for logistics outsourcing.  
163470473 Benchmarking European rail freight transport companies.