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297718129 History of the Tennessee Academy of Science Collegiate Division.  
297718128 Centennial Commentary: the founding of the academy in its historical context.  
297718127 Integrating inquiry-based field investigations into an environmental science curriculum.  
297718126 Checklist of medium and large mammals at Shelby Farms Park, Memphis, Tennessee.  
297718125 Annotated checklist of the mammals of Tennessee.  
297718124 Editors' column--centennial issues.  
290419111 Tennessee Academy of Science Section Chairpersons--2012.  
290419110 Tennessee Academy of Science Executive Committee 2012.  
290419109 New members of the Tennessee academy of science: 2011 membership year.  
290419108 A biological station at Reelfoot Lake.  
290419107 Student presentation awards at the 121st meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Science.  
290419106 Abstracts of presentations at the 2011 (121st) Annual Meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Science.  
290419105 Tennessee Academy of Science Distinguished Secondary School Science Teacher Award 2011.  
290419104 Host of the 121st meeting: Union University.  
290419103 121st meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Science.  
290419102 Proceedings of the Tennessee Academy of Science 2011.  
290419101 President of the Tennessee Academy of Science for 2012.  
290419100 Excerpt from transactions of the Tennessee Academy of Science I (1912-1913): 5-7.  
290419099 Collections of vascular plants from five Southern Appalachian fens in and around Shady Valley, Johnson and Carter counties, Tennessee.  
290419098 The urogenital system of the male Rhyacotriton and the evolution of the male urogenital duct system in salamanders.  
290419097 Clinton L. Baker.  
290419096 The Tennessee Academy of Science and the second Nashville meeting of the American Association for the advancement of science.  
290419095 Editors' column--centennial issues.  
271618236 Student presentation awards at the 2011 collegiate meetings.  
271618235 Poster presentations.  
271618234 Session four chemistry.  
271618233 Session three B cellular and molecular biology II.  
271618232 Session three A clinically related investigations.  
271618231 Session two genetics cellular and molecular biology I.  
271618230 Session one animal behavior and ecology.  
271618229 Keynote address.  
271618228 General biology.  
271618227 Entomology.  
271618226 Engineering.  
271618225 Ecology and geology.  
271618224 Chemistry.  
271618223 Cellular and microbiology.  
271618222 Zoology.  
271618221 Zoology.  
271618220 Science and math teaching.  
271618219 Physics and astronomy.  
271618218 Microbiology.  
271618217 Notes on the crayfishes of Blackburn Fork watershed, Jackson and Putnam counties, Tennessee.  
271618216 Relocation success of federally threatened Scutellaria montana (Lamiaceae, large-flowered skullcap) from a proposed highway corridor.  
271618215 The Tennessee Academy of Science and the Scopes Trial.  
260184495 Editors' column.  
260184494 Tennessee Academy of science annual meeting locations.  
260184493 A history of field parasitology studies originating from the Reelfoot lake region of Tennessee and Kentucky.  
260184492 An evaluation of student performance and comparison of teaching methods using a departmental final exam.  
260184491 Unconfined compressive strength of shale as a function of petrophysical properties: a case study from eastern Tennessee.