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190806674 Diversity of soil bacteria around native and exotic plants.  
190806673 Examining the impact of human activity on swan lake.  
190806672 The prairie forest transition: occurrence and architecture of native and invasive shrubs.  
190806671 Assessment of chromate copper arsenate in treated wood.  
190806670 From air pollution to toxic waster: the tradeoffs for CFLS.  
190806669 AFLP analysis of six Heirloom Tomatoes.  
190806668 Testing the relative relatedness and inbreeding in the Montgomery Bell State park termites.  
190806667 Physics and research.  
190806666 Enzymatic conversion of Switchgrass to ethanol.  
190806665 The effectiveness of booster seats for children between the ages four to nine years.  
190806664 A study of consistent precise electrocardiograph lead placement for 12-lead ecg for more accurate diagnosis.  
190806663 A comparative study of the impact of four different arrows and four different arrow tips.  
190806662 The effect of the angle theta while measuring blood flow velocities using duplex Doppler.  
190806661 Hydroelectric power through TVA.  
190806660 a comparison of benthic macroinvertebrate communities in two eastern Kentucky headwater streams affected by minig activity.  
190806659 The Land Snails of Norris Dam State Park, Tennessee: species diversity among four physical communities found within the park.  
190806658 Lineage effects on inbreeding coefficients of a solitary carnivore.  
190806657 A novel use of lineages in the analysis of effective population sizes of a solitary carnivore.  
190806656 The effects of noise on cognitive performance.  
190806655 Sexually transmitted diseases in East Tennessee: a study about syphilis and gonorrhea in Claiborne and Hamblen county, TN.  
190806654 The impact of watershed development on zoo-plankton communities in Norris Lake, Tennessee.  
190806653 Habitat partitioning by a sympatric community of fox (sciurus niger) and Grey (Sciurus carolinensis) squirrels.  
190806652 Distribution of the threatened snail darter (percina tanasi in the upper Tennessee River drainage.  
190806651 Estrogenicity of the syntheic food colorants tartrazine, erythrosin B, and sudan I in an estrogen-responsive human breast cancer cell line.  
184150814 Tennessee Academy Of Science statement on the teaching of evolution.  
184150813 New members of the Tennessee Academy Of Science: 2007 membership year.  
184150812 Student presentation awards at the 117th meeting of the Tennessee Academy Of Science.  
184150811 Abstracts of papers presented at the 2007 meeting of the Tennessee Academy Of Science.  
184150810 Distinguished Secondary School Science Teacher Award: 2007.  
184150809 Host of the 117th meeting: Volunteer State Community College office of public relations.  
184150808 117th meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Science 15-16 November 2007; Volunteer State Community College Gallatin, Tennessee.  
184150807 Proceedings of the tennessee academy of science 2007.  
184150806 Proceedings of the Tennessee Academy of Science 2007.  
184150805 Greetings TAS members and journal readers.  
180317895 Presidents of the Tennessee Academy of Science, 1938-2008.  
180317894 Awards presented by the Tennessee Academy of Science.  
180317893 The Tennessee Junior Academy of Science.  
180317892 Abstracts of papers presented at the 2007 collegiate meetings.  
180317891 Sealing whirl-pak [R]-type bags containing wet samples.  
180317890 An evaluation of four mineral formulations to attract deer to camera survey sites.  
180317889 Mussel fauna of the Wolf River, Fentress and Pickett counties, Tennessee.  
180317888 Which laboratory activity best simulates the first-order kinetics of radioactive decay?  
180317887 A unique exposure of Cambrian megaripples in the Hampton Formation, Unicoi County, Tennessee.  
180317886 Borrelia infection rates in winter ticks (Dermacentor albipictus) removed from white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in Cheatham County, Tennessee.  
180317885 Diversity of ground-dwelling insects in a mixed hardwood southern Appalachian forest in eastern Tennessee.  
175170712 A People's History of Science: Miners, Midwives, and "Low Mechanicks.".  
175170711 Florida Ethnobotany.  
175170710 Natural networks and the Google[TM] search engine.  
175170709 New distribution records of Gomphus consanguis (Odonata: Gomphidae) in Tennessee.  
175170708 Student presentation awards at the 116th meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Science.