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306753592 Fallacies in the report of the royal commission on tuberculosis.  
306753591 Practical computing for biologists.  
306753590 Chemical synthetic biology.  
306753589 Handbook of statistical systems biology.  
306753588 Biochar, and its potential contribution to improving soil quality and carbon capture.  
Black gold--terra preta soil
306753587 The repertoire of DNA-binding transcription factors in prokaryotes: functional and evolutionary lessons.  
The capabilities of organisms to contend with environmental changes depend on their genes and their ability to regulate their expression. DNA-binding transcription factors (TFs) play a central...
306753586 Development of lithium-ion batteries from micro-structured to nanostructured materials: its issues and challenges.  
Lithium-ion batteries are the systems of choice, offering high energy density, flexibility, lightness in weight, design and longer lifespan than comparable battery technologies. A brief historical...
306753585 Overview of current additive manufacturing technologies and selected applications.  
Three-dimensional printing or rapid prototyping are processes by which components are fabricated directly from computer models by selectively curing, depositing or consolidating materials in...
306753584 Robert Hooke, 1635-1703.  
Robert Hooke was a polymath whose expertise during the 17th century spanned many different scientific areas. As a schoolboy on the Isle of Wight he was obsessed with the possibility of human...
306753583 Robin James Rowbury: 30th April 1937-11th July 2012.  
297915028 Molecular Biology Techniques--3rd edition.  
297915027 Molecular Biology--2nd edition.  
297915026 Ionic liquids--pharmaceutical potential.  
297915025 Can solar fuels avert an imminent petroleum fuel crisis?  
297915024 Telomeres and telomerase: the commitment theory of cellular ageing revisited.  
297915023 Microfluidics and the life sciences.  
297915022 Muonium--the second radioisotope of hydrogen: a remarkable and unique radiotracer in the chemical, materials, biological and environmental sciences.  
297915021 Muonium--the second radioisotope of hydrogen: a remarkable and unique radiotracer in the chemical, materials, biological and environmental sciences.  
288627032 Tradition in Education, 1912.  
288627031 Life without oxygen.  
288627030 Chemistry in the Kitchen Garden.  
288627029 Energy from nuclear fusion-realities, prospects and fantasies?  
288627028 Health concerns of heavy metals and metalloids.  
288627027 Base catalytic transesterification of vegetable oil.  
288627026 Sir William Ramsay and the noble gases.  
288627025 Common nano-materials and their use in real world applications.  
277434771 One hundred years ago in Science Progress ... radioactivity.  
277434770 18 Questions about Life and the Universe.  
277434769 Can free radicals be good for you?  
277434768 Analysis of bacterial surface interactions using microfluidic systems.  
277434767 Atomic evidence: the foundations of structural molecular biology.  
277434766 Electron spin resonance. Part two: a diagnostic method in the environmental sciences.  
270617368 One hundred years ago in Science Progress ...  
270617367 The Physics of Rugby.  
270617366 Searching for Patterns.  
270617365 Shortage of resources for renewable energy and food production.  
270617364 Development unchained: how cellular reprogramming is redefining our view of cell fate and identity.  
270617363 Ionic liquids--an overview.  
270617362 Specific T-cell activation in an unspecific T-cell repertoire.  
262884404 Iron: civilisation would wither without it.  
262884403 Molecular architecture.  
262884402 Sir William Huggins.  
262884401 Physics of Cricket: From hotspot to statistics.  
262884400 From dying stars to the birth of life: the new science of astrobiology and the search for life in the universe.  
262884399 Miracle molecules of our age: ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid.  
262884398 EPSRC/RSC joint report 'the economic benefits of chemistry research for the UK'.  
262884397 Ionic liquids and green futures.  
262884396 Recent initiatives in experimental thermodynamic studies on ionic liquids [IL]--the emergence of a standard thermochemical database for ILs.  
262884395 An invitation to molecular magnetism.  
262884394 How half a century of research was required to understand bacterial growth on [C.sub.1] and [C.sub.2 ]compounds; the story of the serine cycle and the ethylmalonyl-CoA pathway.  
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