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305452784 Testing the transformation hypothesis of information and communications technology.  
305452783 Strategies for retaining Asian-Pacific Americans in the technology sector.  
305452782 A study of the dysfunctional and functional aspects of voluntary employee turnover.  
305452781 Acting ethically: moral reasoning and business school student behavior.  
305452780 Whistleblowing in organizations: implications from litigation.  
296697576 The use of entrepreneurial separation in transfer technology programs.  
296697575 Language diversity in America: challenges and opportunities for management.  
296697574 The role of social network and collaborative culture in knowledge sharing and performance relations.  
296697573 Transformational and transactional leaders in higher education.  
296697572 Global leadership: a new framework for a changing world.  
289834351 Supervisory practices in the transportation/logistics industry.  
289834350 Investigating sexual harassment complaints: an update for managers and employers.  
289834349 The direct and indirect benefits and costs of AACSB accreditation.  
289834348 Management skills' structure in Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises.  
289834347 A five-factor model for success of internal consultants.  
281112636 Reflections on leadership.  
281112635 The influence of equity, equality and gender on organizational citizenship behaviors.  
281112634 Understanding strategic alliances from the effectual entrepreneurial firm's perspective--an organization theory perspective.  
281112633 Discrimination and the aging American workforce: recommendations and strategies for management.  
281112632 Sustainable leadership: a manufacturing employee perspective.  
281112631 From the editor-in-chief.  
272806630 Comparing management curricula with management practice.  
272806629 Rural downtown revitalization strategies for university and community collaboration.  
272806628 Coping strategies of executive survivors in downsized organizations in India.  
272806627 Transformational leadership and organizational commitment: the case of Turkey's hospitality industry.  
272806626 The benefits of collaboration between for-profit businesses and nonprofit arts- or culture-oriented organizations.  
264093540 Outsourcing in higher education: a survey of institutions in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.  
264093539 A micro level view of the self-reinforcement process.  
264093538 Supply chain manager competencies.  
264093537 Managing internal consulting units: challenges and practices.  
264093536 The impact of outsourcing on firm value: new insights.  
264093535 From the editor-in-chief.  
258439090 Humor, gender, and perceived leader effectiveness in China.  
258439089 China's textile and apparel industry and the global market: five competitive forces.  
258439088 Corporate governance in emerging markets: barriers to effective reform.  
258439087 Tattoos and piercings: issues of body modification and the workplace.  
258439086 Technology discontinuity as motivation for corporate alliances.  
258439085 From the editor-in-chief.  
250999201 Value orientation of Indian and U.S. respondents: a study of gender, education, and national culture.  
250999200 The relationship of organizational culture to balanced scorecard effectiveness.  
250999199 Agility in higher education: planning for business continuity in the face of an H1N1 pandemic.  
250999198 Volunteer motivation and reward preference: an empirical study of volunteerism in a large, not-for-profit organization.  
250999197 Can ethics education improve ethical judgment? An empirical study.  
249797246 Corporate governance in a developing economy: a study of barriers and issues in Nigeria.  
249797245 NeuroLeadership: sustaining research relevance into the 21st century.  
249797244 Memories of the past and visions of the future: the influence of temporal depth on health care professionals' identification.  
249797243 Diversity, disparate impact, and ethics in business: implications of the New Haven firefighters' case and the Supreme Court's Ricci v. DeStefano decision.  
249797242 A new perspective on ethics safeguards: where is the clout?  
233607217 Do knowledge characteristics matter? A test of the relationship between knowledge characteristics and performance.  
233607216 Increasing shareholder wealth by linking board, executive, and manager decision points.