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303758339 The values of the determinants and tests of stability of the money demand function of the United States.  
303758338 Overinvestment in residential real estate: an analysis of the impact across levels of economic diversification.  
303758337 The U.S. shareholder say-on-pay vote: what are the first year results?  
303758336 Doing good and making profits: a case study of Affordable Business Solutions.  
303758335 Chasing Islamic finance: a framework to assess the potential benefits of Australian tax reforms to facilitate Islamic finance.  
303758334 The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: a law worth revisiting.  
303758333 Do investors care about earnings management?  
303758332 Separate financial reporting standards and standard setting for private companies.  
303758331 Why are Spanish companies implementing downsizing?  
303758330 From the editor.  
280303796 The Peter J. Tobin college of business.  
280303795 Author submission and review guidelines.  
280303794 New at the review of business.  
280303793 About the review of business.  
280303792 Proposed solutions to the FDIC deposit insurance fund.  
280303791 How inter-related is the American and European Credit Default Swap indices market? A search for transatlantic kinship.  
280303790 Hypothesis testing: a statistical procedure for testing the validity of claims.  
280303789 Effects of CEO-BOD mentoring on firm competitive behavior.  
280303788 Evolution of a global perspective: experiential learning during an education abroad program.  
280303787 Customer satisfaction, loyalty and repurchase some evidence from apparel consumers.  
280303786 The corporate soap-opera "as the cash turns": management of working capital and potential external financing needs.  
280303785 Efficiency of primary health care spending by municipalities in the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo: a comparative analysis pf DEA models.  
280303784 SOX generated changes in board composition: have they impacted risk-adjusted returns?  
280303783 From the editor.  
267204751 Entrepreneurs, investors and equity financing: a resource-economic analysis.  
267204750 Personal liability of corporate shareholders in New York.  
267204749 Adding assurance to the term "organic".  
267204748 "You! Me! Let's try to make some mo-ney!!!".  
267204747 Corporate financial reporting complexity: recommendations for improvement.  
267204746 Factors that impact customer loyalty in the investment banking industry.  
267204745 Impact of restatement character sties and subsequent earnings management on post-Sox executive turnover.  
267204744 Are Gulf Cooperation Council stock markets special?  
267204743 Selling Citigroup: a simulation of the U.S. Treasury's $37 billion TARP share sale.  
267204742 From the Editor.  
250822544 Centennial repeat of history: testing the veracity of Reinhart and Rogoff model.  
250822543 Trustee liability under the New York Prudent Investor Act.  
250822542 IRS offers relief for investors of fraudulent investment schemes.  
250822541 A perspective on 2000's illiquidity and capital crisis: past banking crises and their relevance to today's credit crisis.  
250822540 Testing the trade-off theory of capital structure.  
250822539 The impact of leader tenure on proactiveness in religious organizations.  
250822538 Elasticity of variance and jackknife estimation of short-term interest rates.  
250822537 Case study "Tomsel Corp." first-time adoption of International financial reporting standards by U.S. company.  
250822536 The relationship of asymmetric information, financing decisions and cost of capital in Brazilian public companies.  
250822535 From the editor.  
232824954 Microfinance program (GLOBE)--one year later: what's happening at the Tobin College of Business.  
232824953 IFRS for SMEs--an option for U.S. private entities?  
232824952 IFRS in the United States: Challenges and Opportunities.  
232824951 Ethics is imperative to effective fair value reporting: weaving ethics into fair value.  
232824950 Fair value audit guidance of public and non-public companies in response to the credit crisis.  
232824949 Fair value and business combinations.