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304306758 ELLs' perceptions of reading.  
304306757 Varying readability of science-based text in elementary readers: challenges for teachers.  
304306756 The predictive utility of DIBELS reading assessment for reading comprehension among third grade English language learners and English speaking children.  
300980378 An examination of preservice teachers' view of multiliteracies: habits, perceptions, demographics and slippery slopes.  
300980377 Effective ways to promote word power with students.  
300980376 Principals' perceptions of the effectiveness and necessity of reading coaches within elementary schools.  
300980375 Studying grammar in the technological age.  
289721747 The power of literature: establishing and enhancing the young adolescent classroom community.  
289721746 Effects of a parent support reading intervention on seventh-grade at-risk students' reading comprehension scores.  
289721745 Transdisciplinarity: shaping the future by reading the word and reading the world in an eighth grade classroom.  
289721744 Listening in the integrated curriculum.  
279613418 The impact of a training program based on pedagogical knowledge on improving the speaking and writing skills teaching practices of female english language teachers.  
279613417 Reading versus telling of stories in the development of English vocabulary and comprehension in young second language learners.  
279613416 Weaker readers as experts: preferential instruction and the fluency improvement of lower performing student tutors.  
275849606 Negation errors in English by University of Jordan students.  
275849605 Look: examining the concept of learning to look at print.  
275849604 Silent reading manifestations of adolescent struggling readers.  
275849603 After-school tutoring for reading achievement and urban middle school students.  
262884109 Teachers' leisure reading habits and knowledge of children's books: do they relate to the teaching practices of elementary school teachers?  
262884108 Effects of lexical cohesion and macrorules on EFL students' main idea comprehension.  
262884107 Exploring two interventions to promote graduate education majors' dispositions toward culturally responsive teaching: taking action to address my shortcomings as a literacy teacher educator.  
262884106 Shared reading, the pupil, and the teacher.  
262884105 Literacy teachers how the physical education teachers/coaches can help you encourage students to read.  
258438664 Increasing reading comprehension through the explicit teaching of reading strategies: is there a difference among the genders?  
258438663 The use of a specific schema theory strategy-semantic mapping-to facilitate vocabulary development and comprehension for at-risk readers.  
258438662 Modifying robust vocabulary instruction for the benefit of low-socioeconomic students.  
258438661 Access to books: a scaffolded program creates readers.  
252446859 Openness to experience and night-sky watching interest as predictors of reading for pleasure: path analysis of a mediation model.  
252446858 Poetry performances and academic identity negotiations in the literacy experiences of seventh grade language arts students.  
252446857 Evidence-based and child-friendly: shared book reading with chants support young children's language and literacy development.  
252446856 The before, during, and after reading scale.  
252446855 Data based instruction in reading.  
245036035 Strategies and content areas for teaching English language learners.  
245036034 Reading strategies for students with severe disabilities.  
245036033 Using children's literature to teach measurement.  
245036032 Are readers nerds?  
245036031 Teaching reading to students with learning difficulties.  
245036030 Which plan of reading instruction is best?  
245036029 How peer writing can shape identity for students with emotional and behavioral disorders.  
233607050 A history of study skills: not hot, but not forgotten.  
233607049 Struggling readers in high school.  
233607048 Strategies for improving reading skills among ELL college students.  
233607047 Implementing peer coaching fluency building to improve early literacy skills.  
233607046 Advocacy in reading: to be or not to be an advocate?  
221203909 Bridging the theory/practice divide in education: seeing reading as research and research as reading.  
221203908 A comparison of two reading fluency methods: repeated readings to a fluency criterion and interval sprinting.  
221203907 Strategies for improving reading comprehension among college students.  
221203906 Becoming S.T.A.R.S.: students and teachers achieving reading success.  
221203905 An investigation of elementary pre-service teachers' reading instructional beliefs.  
221203904 Supporting reading goals through the visual arts.  
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