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283455041 Brief schedule of abstracts.  
283455040 Undergraduate Research Session Dr. Jeffrey D. Weidenhamer, Presiding Kettering Science Center Lecture Hall Room 112, 1:30 PM.  
283455039 Water Quality of Ohio's Lakes: Inland and Erie Revisited Special Focus: Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs).  
283455038 The Ohio Academy of Science 121st Annual Meeting.  
296044603 Obituaries of the members of the Ohio Academy of Science Report of the Necrology Committee, 2011.  
296044602 STEM Student Research Handbook.  
296044601 Influence of perinatal exposure to a polychlorinated biphenyl mixture on learning and memory, hippocampal size, and estrogen receptor-beta expression.  
296044600 Water resources and wastewater reuse: perceptions of students at the Ohio State University Campus.  
296044599 Observations of pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea L.) phytotelm conditions from two populations in Jackson Bog, Stark County, OH.  
273528038 Determination of soluble phosphorus content in black walnut husk compost via formation of molybdenum blue.  
273528037 Old regrowth forest patches as habitat for the conservation of avian diversity in a southwest Ohio landscape.  
273528036 Evaluation of the horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio (HVSR) seismic method to determine sediment thickness in the vicinity of the South Well Field, Franklin County, OH.  
273528035 Abundance and habitat use of winter raptors on a reclaimed surface mine in Southeastern Ohio.  
261386177 What are science, technology and engineering?  
261386176 Daniel William Repperger, Jr. (1942-2010).  
261386175 Wayne Dudley Martin (1920-2009).  
261386174 William Bruce Jackson (1926-2010).  
261386173 Henry Louis Hunker (1924-2009).  
261386172 Howard William Hintz (1921-2010).  
261386171 James Arthur Herrick (1908-2008).  
261386170 Walter Joseph Frajola (1916-2009).  
261386169 Robert Harold Essman (1930-2010).  
261386168 John Herbert Buckingham (1911-2009).  
261386167 Christa L. (Allen) Bowen (1975-2010).  
261386166 Byron Lee Bondurant (1925-2010).  
261386165 Obituaries of the members of The Ohio Academy of Science report of the necrology committee, 2010.  
261386164 Evidence of maximum age of the Serpent Mound impact event from shatter cones.  
261386163 Seasonal, taxonomic, and local habitat components of bird-window collisions on an urban university campus in Cleveland, OH.  
261386162 A revised diameter for the Serpent Mound impact crater in southern Ohio.  
252553485 An anomalous breccia associated with the Serpent Mound impact crater, Southern Ohio.  
252553484 The effect of participation in a stone laboratory workshop (a place-based environmental education program) on student affect toward science.  
252553483 Flora of the Erie Islands: a review of floristic, ecological and historical research and conservation activities, 1976-2010.  
252553482 Regulations overshadow science in Ohio's educational standards.  
247449415 Paul Bigelow Sears (1891-1990): eminent scholar, ecologist and conservationist.  
247449414 Bibliography of Publications Relevant to Paul B. Sears (1891-1990).  
247449413 Bibliography of publications by Paul B. Sears (1891-1990).  
247449412 Paul B. Sears: through a daughter's eyes.  
247449411 Teaching children: the naturalist Paul B. Sears at home.  
247449410 Paul B. Sears: lessons in classroom, field and living room.  
247449409 Paul B. Sears: professor.  
247449408 Paul B. Sears: the generalist as teacher.  
247449407 Paul B. Sears and the Ecological Society of America.  
247449406 Scientific wildlife management in Ohio: the legacy of Paul B. Sears.  
247449405 Contributions of Paul B. Sears to natural vegetation mapping in Ohio.  
247449404 Paul B. Sears: the role of ecology in conservation.  
247449403 Paul B. Sears' contributions to the development of paleoecology.  
247449402 Foreword.  
238751967 Ohio EPA, Ohio Academy of Science select environmental scholarship awardees.  
238751966 Different Brains, Different Learners: How to Reach the Hard to Reach.  
238751965 Mating behavior and male territoriality in Enallagma vesperum (Odonata: Coenagrionidae) on Ponds in Ohio and Northern Michigan.