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294505223 Chasing away the arctic blues.  
294505222 Cape-able workers build deep-sea devices.  
294505221 Adieu to the R/V Oceanus.  
294505220 The original rock music.  
294505219 A taste of oceanography.  
294505218 Rescue on the high seas.  
294505217 Jim Yoder named Fellow of The Oceanography Society.  
294505216 AGU welcomes new Fellow: Ray Schmitt.  
294505215 Mark Kurz honored for geochemistry work.  
294505214 Outreach reaches outer space.  
294505213 Hal Caswell receives Humboldt Research Award.  
294505212 National Geographic 'emerging explorer'.  
294505211 Louis St. Laurent earns AMS Fofonoff Award.  
294505210 National Academy of Sciences honors John Waterbury.  
294505209 Neither rain nor cold.  
294505208 Joseph Pedlosky, Henry Dick win prestigious AGU medals.  
294505207 Four WHOI scientists named AAAS Fellows.  
294505206 A conversation with: Hauke Kite-Powell: where will we get our seafood? Unlike the rest of the world, the U.S. has not embraced aquaculture.  
294505205 Lost glories, found.  
294505204 Lessons from Fukushima: what have scientists learned about the causes and consequences of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan?  
294505203 The quest to map Titanic.  
294505202 Shifting sands and bacteria on the beach.  
294505201 A long voyage to get a new ship.  
294505200 Medicines from marine microbes?  
294505199 The scientist who stays out in the cold.  
294505198 Can whales get the bends?  
294505197 Sonar alters whales' behavior.  
294505196 Microbes 'hot-bunk' scarce iron.  
294505195 High noon in arctic winter.  
294505194 Fish rapidly evolve resistance to PCBs.  
294505193 What corals say about sea level rise.  
294505192 A newfound cog in the ocean conveyor.  
294505191 Harmful algae have the right genetic stuff.  
294505190 Jellyfish rising? Maybe not.  
294505189 Rivers of pent-up carbon.  
294505188 To catch a hurricane.  
278880910 Tubeworms: this is no run-of-the-mill tubeworm. This tubeworm is famous.  
278880909 Great South Channel diner: when swarms of tiny organisms aggregate every spring, they create a hotspot where whales come to feast.  
278880908 Powerful currents in deep-sea gorges: what energy drives these currents in hundreds of seafloor 'Grand Canyons'?  
278880907 Between the beach and the deep blue sea: student explores the dynamic gateway of the shallow inner shelf.  
278880906 700 bottles of brine in the lab: where does toxic mercury in the open ocean come from?  
278880905 Tracking toxic chemicals in oil spills: does out of sight mean into the air or into fish?  
278880904 From sewers to the seafloor: what impacts might estrogens have in the coastal ocean?  
278880903 Searching for unknown life at the bottom of the sea: a largely unexplored region could harbor organisms we've never seen before.  
278880902 Follow the lipid trail: a new technique helps sort out what the ocean's tiny chemists are up to.  
278880901 A drop in the ocean is teeming with life: scientists reveal hidden relationships among marine microbes.  
278880900 Psychotherapy for plankton: life can be stressful out there in the microscopic marine world.  
278880899 Clues in shark vertebrae reveal where they've been: scientists take advantage of a silver lining in mushroom clouds.  
278880898 The latest fashion in bowhead whale songs: for cetacean crooners, the song does not remain the same.  
278880897 Whale heads and tales: a student probes the mysteries of what (and how) baleen whales can hear.