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305192399 Mitigating systemic spillovers from currency hedging.  
305192398 The business models of large interconnected banks and the lessons of the financial crisis.  
305192397 Financial structure and incentives.  
305192396 The evolution of financial structure in the G-7 over 1997-2010.  
305192395 Restoring trust in banking.  
305192394 Financial structure: lessons from the crisis: introduction.  
305192393 Prospects for the UK economy: the production of this forecast is supported by the Institute's Corporate Members: Bank of England, HM Treasury, Mizuho Research Institute Ltd, the Office for National Statistics, Santander (UK) plc and by the members of the NiGEM users group.  
305192392 Fiscal consolidation during a depression.  
305192391 The world economy.  
305192390 Welfare and work: continuity and change.  
305192389 The UK economy.  
305192388 The world economy.  
299638448 Export performance and increased services content in manufacturing.  
299638447 The impact of the financial crisis on financial integration, growth and investment.  
299638446 New measures of workforce skills in the EU.  
299638445 Recent developments in selected education indicators and their relation to Europe 2020 targets.  
299638444 Service sector performance: an introduction to the indicser and servicegap projects.  
299638443 Why are UK pump prices so high?  
299638442 Prospects for the UK economy.  
299638441 Reassessing productive capacity in the United States.  
299638440 Appendix B: forecast detail.  
299638439 Appendix A: summary of key forecast assumptions.  
299638438 Prospects for individual economies.  
299638437 World overview.  
299638436 UK household rebalancing.  
299638435 The UK economy. (AT A GLANCE ...  
299638434 The world economy.  
299638433 Implications of the National Employment Savings Trust for vulnerable sectors of the UK labour market: a reduced-form statistical evaluation.  
299638432 Requiring the long-term unemployed to train: is benefit conditionality effective?  
299638431 Time-limited in-work benefits in the UK: a review of recent evidence.  
299638430 The state of evidence-based policy evaluation and its role in policy formation.  
299638429 Still evidence-based? The role of policy evaluation in recession and beyond: the case of the national minimum wage.  
299638428 The evaluation of English education policies.  
299638427 The power of evidence: improving the effectiveness of government by investing in more rigorous evaluation.  
299638426 Policy evaluation in a time of austerity: introduction.  
299638425 The government response to the Independent Commission on Banking.  
299638424 Prospects for the UK economy.  
299638423 Appendix B: forecast detail.  
299638422 Appendix A: summary of key forecast assumptions.  
299638421 Prospects for individual economies.  
299638420 World overview: focus on national monetary policies.  
299638419 Commentary: Scotland's currency and fiscal choices.  
299638418 The UK economy.  
299638417 The world economy.  
299536212 Expenditure and disposable income trends of UK households: evidence from micro-data.  
299536211 Has the instability of personal incomes been increasing?  
299536210 The changing picture of earnings inequality in Britain and the role of regional and sectoral differences.  
299536209 Child poverty in Britain: past lessons and future prospects.  
299536208 Poverty and inequality: introduction.  
299536207 Prospects for the UK economy.