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312828249 Thinking, Fast and Slow.  
312828248 Early mover advantages: evidence from the long-term care insurance market.  
312828247 Testing adverse selection with two-dimensional information: evidence from the Singapore auto insurance market.  
312828246 A history of the term "moral hazard".  
312828245 Insurance contract design when the insurer has private information on loss size.  
312828244 Moral hazard and health insurance when treatment is preventive.  
312828243 Are underwriting cycles real and forecastable?  
312828242 Designing a countercyclical insurance program for systemic risk.  
312828241 Risk taking and performance of public insurers: an international comparison.  
312828240 Internationalization in the reinsurance industry: an analysis of the net financial position of U.S. reinsurers.  
302109402 The effects of macroeconomic factors on pricing mortgage insurance contracts.  
302109401 Contingent claim pricing using a Normal Inverse Gaussian probability distortion operator.  
302109400 Rainfall or rainmaking? Lawyers, courts, and the price of mold insurance in Texas.  
302109399 Under what conditions is an insurance guaranty fund beneficial for policyholders?  
302109398 Dupes or incompetents? An examination of management's impact on firm distress.  
302109397 The role of RBC, hurricane exposure, bond portfolio duration, and nacroeconomic and industry-wide factors in property-liability insolvency prediction.  
302109396 Longevity/mortality risk modeling and securities pricing.  
302109395 Can the life insurance market provide evidence for a bequest motive?  
302109394 Creating customer value in participating life insurance.  
302109393 A dynamic analysis of the demand for life insurance.  
302109392 Pension funds' asset allocation and participant age: a test of the life-cycle model.  
292852710 Uncertainty and Risk: Multidisciplinary Perspectives.  
292852709 Precautionary effort: a new look.  
292852708 Can vehicle maintenance records predict automobile accidents?  
292852707 Insurance pricing, reserving, and performance evaluation under external constraints on capitalization and return on equity.  
292852706 Whole farm income insurance.  
292852705 The impact of scale, complexity, and service quality on the administrative costs of pension funds: a cross-country comparison.  
292852704 Catastrophe bonds, reinsurance, and the optimal collateralization of risk transfer.  
292852703 Multivariate analysis of premium dynamics in P&L insurance.  
292852702 Do publicly traded property-casualty insurers cater to the stock market?  
292852701 Determinants of corporate diversification: evidence from the property-liability insurance industry.  
292852700 Property-liability insurer reserve error: motive, manipulation, or mistake.  
292852699 A theory of the demand for underwriting.  
292852698 Form over matter: differences in the incentives to convert using full versus partial demutualization in the U.S. life insurance industry.  
282741042 At War With the Weather: Managing Large-Scale Risks in a New Era of Catastrophes.  
282741041 Index insurance, probabilistic climate forecasts, and production.  
282741040 A spatial econometric analysis of loss experience in the U.S. crop insurance program.  
282741039 Do small-group health insurance regulations influence small business size?  
282741038 Performance and risks of open-end life settlement funds.  
282741037 The value of contingent commissions in the property-casualty insurance industry: evidence from stock market returns.  
282741036 The effect of regulation on insurance pricing: the case of Germany.  
282741035 The cost of duplicative regulation: evidence from risk retention groups.  
282741034 Risk aversion and the value of risk to life.  
282741033 Self-insurance and self-protection as public goods.  
282741032 Enterprise risk management through strategic allocation of capital.  
282741031 Optimal capital allocation principles.  
275038040 2011 editor report.  
275038039 The Economics of Natural and Unnatural Disasters.  
275038038 Does insurance help to escape the poverty trap?--A ruin theoretic approach.  
275038037 Commitment and lapse behavior in long-term insurance: a case study.