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279891895 Message from Patricia Francis: Executive Director, ITC.  
273786465 ITC publications: resources on trade and export development for exporters, trade support institutions and policymakers.  
273786464 Connectivity in the food supply chain: cooperative partnerships and long-term approaches improve connectivity within supply chains.  
273786463 UNCTAD investment trends: shortage of capital is a major obstacle for tourism development, and many countries--especially in the developing world--increasingly look to foreign investors to provide capital that will help develop their tourism industries.  
273786462 Sustainable futures: indigenous tourism.  
273786461 Healing the wounds of war: from conflict to commercial conservation in Cambodia.  
273786460 Coaching for export success: helping Mongolia and other developing countries build sustainable tourism business.  
273786459 Carnival Australia: managing the impact of tourism: the growth of cruise holidays is placing increased demand on operators to manage the environmental and social impact on remote island communities.  
273786458 Tourism & travel in the green economy: the rapidly evolving green growth paradigm shift that all nations are embracing at a policy level, with the buy-in of industry and civil society, provides an unparalleled opportunity to leverage the massive socio-economic power of travelism (travel and tourism) to benefit humanity and the planet.  
273786457 UNWTO.TedQual's: Mentoring Programme for Africa.  
273786456 A natural partnership: tourism & online marketing: for enterprises operating in the tourism and hospitality industries, gaining an understanding of the expectations and practices of consumers wanting to use the Internet as a medium to seek information and arrange online travel bookings is absolutely vital.  
273786455 Unlocking potential: Cambodia, Burundi, Turkey: the 2011 World Export Development Forum explored how least developed countries can make tourism work towards poverty reduction.  
273786454 Budongo Ecotourism Development Project: Uganda.  
273786453 Blueprint for new tourism: a partnership model: in its blueprint for new tourism, the World Travel & Tourism Council promotes the importance of partnerships for sustainable tourism development.  
273786452 Community-based & pro-poor tourism: two contemporary approaches to poverty reduction in developing and least developed countries.  
273786451 Pro-poor tourism: expanding opportunities: reducing poverty in developing countries through tourism.  
273786450 Collaboration tourism: tourism development in least developed countries--economic significance and policy priorities.  
273786449 Opinion piece tourism as an economic tool: shaping strategic positioning to attract tourists to least developed countries.  
273786448 Bhutan: a model for sustainable tourism development.  
273786447 Travel & tourism beyond the downturn: travel & tourism as a critical competitiveness driver for developing economies.  
273786446 2011 WEDF: sustainable tourism development: the 2011 World Export Development Forum focused on ways to develop sustainable tourism with the announcement of four projects to connect small- and medium-sized enterprises in least developed countries to the tourism industry.  
273786445 The big picture: tourism & sustainable development: as a US$ 3 billion a day global business, the tourism sector is one of the world's fastest growing industries and an important driver for economic growth in least developed countries.  
273786444 Global Aid for Trade efforts vital for boosting development, says Ban Ki-moon.  
273786443 Apps for development winner announced.  
273786442 Emerging economies fuel recovery as growth remains weak in rich countries--United Nations.  
273786441 UNWTO 2011 Ulysses Prize and Awards.  
273786440 Tourism as a vehicle for gender equality and women's empowerment.  
273786439 Message from.  
266218127 ITC publications: resources on trade and export development for exporters, trade support institutions and policymakers.  
266218126 Strengthening: entrepreneurs through information technologies: in Benin, an ITC project is connecting fruit processors with suppliers and buyers through a supply-chain wide 'virtual marketplace' that connects product offers to demand through connected devices.  
266218125 Case study: Bangladesh: the next global sourcing location?  
266218124 Standards MAP: ITC's new market analysis tool: ITC's new web-based interactive market analysis tool, Standards Map, allows users to review and compare standards and their requirements through user-friendly online navigation and searching.  
266218123 The World Bank's ICT: innovations for accountability and service delivery.  
266218122 The cup of excellence awards: small coffee farmers awarded through Internet auctions: an innovative ITC project established in 1999 continues to benefit a growing number of small coffee farmers each year. Through an Internet auction and rigorous selection process, a global competition is rewarding farmers committed to producing high-quality coffee.  
266218121 Switched on! Women entrepreneurs in North Africa grasp business potential online.  
266218120 Single window for foreign trade in Colombia: a case study on trade transactions.  
266218119 E-mentoring as a toll to make aid for Trade more effective: developing countries that create an institutional environment that is favourable to economic and technological change tend to benefit most from the effects of international trade liberalization. In contrast, countries that primarily focus on protecting vulnerable economic sectors with public sector subsidies tend to crowd out private sector investment.  
266218118 Opinion piece: technology alone is not enough.  
266218117 Asian Development Bank's: energy for all initiative: as part of its 'Strategy 2020' objective for inclusive growth, the Asian Development Bank's Energy for All initiative promotes new approaches to scaling up access to energy for the poor.  
266218116 TPOs help: SME exporters access online markets.  
266218115 Question box: crossing the digital divide.  
266218114 Lighting Africa: catalyzing markets for modern off-grid lighting.  
266218113 UNCTAD: information economy report 2010: ICTs, enterprises & poverty alleviation.  
266218112 Thinking ahead & planning for tomorrow: putting information and communications technologies to work.  
266218111 Africa's rapid technological acquisition indicates emerging industrial base.  
266218110 Asian ICT exports surge.  
266218109 Gap widens between least developed countries and others.  
266218108 ITC'S new website.  
266218107 Joint advisory group meeting: the 44th Session of ITC's Joint Advisory Group (JAG) Meeting in December 2010 saw emphasis placed on the commitment to a partnership approach by the ITC, World Trade Organization (WTO) and United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in delivering on the Aid for Trade agenda.  
266218106 Empowering women, powering trade: ITC and WTO celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day.