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311050301 A nonparametric statistical method that improves physician cost of care analysis.  
Objective. To develop a compositing method that demonstrates improved performance compared with commonly used tests for statistical analysis of physician cost of care data.
311050300 Choosing models for health care cost analyses: issues of nonlinearity and endogeneity.  
Objective. To compare methods of analyzing endogenous treatment effect models for nonlinear outcomes and illustrate the impact of model specification on estimates of treatment effects such as...
311050299 Residential segregation and the availability of primary care physicians.  
Objective. To examine the association between residential segregation and geographic access to primary care physicians (PCPs) in metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs).
311050298 The impact of the affordable care act on Medicare advantage plan availability and enrollment.  
Objective. To assess the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's (ACA) changes in Medicare Advantage (MA) payment rates on the availability of and enrollment in MA plans.
311050297 Rehospitalization in a national population of home health care patients with heart failure.  
Objective. Patients with heart failure (HF) have high rates of rehospitalization. Home health care (HHC) patients with HF are not well studied in this regard. The objectives of this study were to...
311050296 Assisted living expansion and the market for nursing home care.  
Objective. To analyze the effect of market-level changes in assisted living supply on nursing home utilization and resident acuity.
311050295 The patient-centered medical home and patient experience.  
Objective. To examine the relationship between practices' reported use of patient-centered medical home (PCMH) processes and patients' perceptions of their care experience.
311050294 Chronic illness and patient satisfaction.  
Objective. To examine how the relationship between patient characteristics, patient experience with the health care system, and overall satisfaction with care varies with illness complexity.
311050293 Clinical quality performance in U.S. health centers.  
Objective. To describe current clinical quality among the nation's community health centers and to examine health center characteristics associated with performance excellence.
311050292 Is there a statistical relationship between economic crises and changes in government health expenditure growth? An analysis of twenty-four European countries.  
Objective. To identify whether, by what means, and the extent to which historically, government health care expenditure growth in Europe has changed following economic crises.
311050291 A two-compartment mixed-effects gamma regression model for quantifying between-unit variability in length of stay among children admitted to intensive care.  
Objective. To quantify between-unit variability in mean length of stay (LOS) between intensive care units (ICUs) after adjusting for differences in case mix using a method that does not require...
311050290 Adoption of diagnostic technology and variation in caesarean section rates: a test of the practice style hypothesis in Norway.  
Objective. To examine whether the introduction of advanced diagnostic technology in maternity care has led to less variation in type of delivery between hospitals in Norway.
311050289 Food insecurity, processes of care, and self-reported medication underuse in patients with type 2 diabetes: results from the California health interview survey.  
Objective. To assess the independent association of food insecurity with processes of care and delays in filling prescriptions.
311050288 Cost-effectiveness of an electronic medical record based clinical decision support system.  
Background and Objective. Medical groups have invested billions of dollars in electronic medical records (EMRs), but few studies have examined the cost-effectiveness of EMR-based clinical decision...
311050287 The impact of hospital pay-for-performance on hospital and Medicare costs.  
Objective. To evaluate the effects of Medicare's hospital pay-for-performance demonstration project on hospital revenues, costs, and margins and on Medicare costs.
311050286 Comparative cost-effectiveness of interventions to improve medication adherence after myocardial infarction.  
Objective. To evaluate the comparative cost-effectiveness of interventions to improve adherence to evidence-based medications among postmyocardial infarction (MI) patients.
305662708 Delays in seeking conventional medical care and complementary and alternative medicine utilization.  
Objective. To test the association between delays in utilization of conventional medical care and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) utilization.
305662707 Hospital-level variation in the use of intensive care.  
Objective. To determine the extent to which hospitals vary in the use of intensive care, and the proportion of variation attributable to differences in hospital practice that is independent of...
305662706 Racial/ethnic disparities in health and health care among U.S. adolescents.  
Objective. To examine racial/ethnic disparities in medical and oral health status, access to care, and use of services in U.S. adolescents.
305662705 Impacts of rising health care costs on families with employment-based private insurance: a national analysis with state fixed effects.  
Background. Given the rapid growth of health care costs, some experts were concerned with erosion of employment-based private insurance (EBPI). This empirical analysis aims to quantify the concern.
305662704 Take-up of public insurance and crowd-out of private insurance under recent CHIP expansions to higher income children.  
Objective. To analyze the effects of states' expansions of Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) eligibility to children in higher income families on health insurance coverage outcomes....
305662703 COBRA ARRA subsidies: was the carrot enticing enough?  
Objective. To help preserve continuity of health insurance coverage during the recent recession, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided a 65 percent Consolidated Omnibus Budget...
305662702 Care coordination for the chronically ill: understanding the patient's perspective.  
Objective. To identify factors associated with perception of care coordination problems among chronically ill patients.
305662701 The effectiveness of chronic care management for heart failure: meta-regression analyses to explain the heterogeneity in outcomes.  
Objective. To support decision making on how to best redesign chronic care by studying the heterogeneity in effectiveness across chronic care management evaluations for heart failure.
305662700 Comparison of distribution- and anchor-based approaches to infer changes in health-related quality of life of prostate cancer survivors.  
Objective. To determine the minimal important difference (MID) in generic and prostate-specific health-related quality of life (HRQoL) using distribution- and anchorbased methods.
305662699 Reporting of quality indicators and improvement in hospital performance: the P.Re.Val.E. Regional Outcome Evaluation Program.  
Objective. To evaluate whether reporting of hospital performance was associated with a change in quality indicators in Italian hospitals. Data Sources/Study Setting. Nationwide Hospital...
305662698 Composite measures for rating hospital quality with major surgery.  
Objective. To assess the value of a novel composite measure for identifying the best hospitals for major procedures.
305662697 The relationship between mental health diagnosis and treatment with second-generation antipsychotics over time: a national study of U.S. Medicaid-enrolled children.  
Objective. To describe the relationship between mental health diagnosis and treatment with antipsychotics among U.S. Medicaid-enrolled children over time.
305662696 What hospital inpatient services contributed the most to the 2001-2006 growth in the cost per case?  
Objective. To demonstrate a refined cost-estimation method that converts detailed charges for inpatient stays into costs at the department level to enable analyses that can unravel the sources...
305662695 The effect of state regulatory stringency on nursing home quality.  
Objective, To test the hypothesis that more stringent quality regulations contribute to better quality nursing home care and to assess their cost-effectiveness.
305662694 Early impact of the Affordable Care Act on health insurance coverage of young adults.  
Research Objective. To evaluate one of the first implemented provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), which permits young adults up to age 26 to enroll as dependents on...
305662693 Introducing the best of the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting.  
305662692 Leveraging mobile health (mHealth) solutions for Health Services Research (HSR).  
305662691 Clinical informatics, CER, and PCOR: building blocks for meaningful use of big data in health care.  
305662690 Free, online learning from AcademyHealth.  
305662689 Go behind the scenes of health policy making October 22-25, 2012, Washington, DC.  
298292935 Ambulatory subspecialty visits in a large pediatric primary care network.  
Objective. To determine patterns of subspecialty utilization within a pediatric primary care network.
298292934 Deployment of a mixed-mode data collection strategy does not reduce nonresponse bias in a general population health survey.  
Objective. To assess nonresponse bias in a mixed-mode general population health survey.
298292933 Development of peer-group-classification criteria for the comparison of cost efficiency among general hospitals under the Korean NHI program.  
Objectives. To classify general hospitals into homogeneous systematic-risk groups in order to compare cost efficiency and propose peer-group-classification criteria.
298292932 What is the best way to estimate hospital quality outcomes? A simulation approach.  
Objective. To test the accuracy of alternative estimators of hospital mortality quality using a Monte Carlo simulation experiment.
298292931 The role of matched controls in building an evidence base for hospital-avoidance schemes: a retrospective evaluation.  
Objective. To test whether two hospital-avoidance interventions altered rates of hospital use: "intermediate care" and "integrated care teams."
298292930 A longitudinal analysis of the lifetime cost of dementia.  
Objective, Estimate the lifetime cost of dementia to Medicare and Medicaid.
298292929 The relationship between formal and informal care among adult Medicaid personal care services recipients.  
Objectives. To test hypotheses concerning the relationship between formal and informal care and to estimate the impact of hours of formal care authorized for Medicaid Personal Care Services (PCS)...
298292928 Medicaid, hospital financial stress, and the incidence of adverse medical events for children.  
Objective. To assess the association between Medicaid-induced financial stress of a hospital and the probability of an adverse medical event for a pediatric discharge.
298292927 Did copayment changes reduce health service utilization among CHIP enrollees? Evidence from Alabama.  
Objective. To explore whether health care utilization changed among enrollees in Alabama's CHIP program, ALL Kids, following copayment increases at the beginning of fiscal year 2004.
298292926 Smoking cessation and body weight: evidence from the behavioral risk factor surveillance survey.  
Objective. To investigate the role of smoking cessation in body weight.
298292925 Impact of deductibles on initiation and continuation of psychotherapy for treatment of depression.  
Objective. To estimate the impact of deductibles on the initiation and continuation of psychotherapy for depression.
298292924 Organizational characteristics of high- and low-performing anticoagulation clinics in the Veterans Health Administration.  
Objective. Anticoagulation clinics (ACCs) can improve anticoagulation control and prevent adverse events. However, ACCs vary widely in their performance on anticoagulation control. Our...
298292923 The effectiveness of implementing an electronic health record on diabetes care and outcomes.  
Objective. To assess the impact of electronic health record (EHR) implementation on primary care diabetes care.
298292922 Hospital volume and mortality of very low-birthweight infants in South America.  
Objective. To assess the effects of hospital volume of very low-birthweight (VLBW) infants on in-hospital mortality of VLBW and very preterm birth (VPB) infants in South America.