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308598546 Effect of Pinus radiata bark polyphenols on phenol liquefaction of cellulose in the presence of p-toluene sulfonic acid catalyst.  
308598545 A productivity and cost comparison of two systems for producing biomass fuel from roadside forest treatment residues.  
308598544 China's wood furniture manufacturing industry: industrial cluster and export competitiveness.  
308598543 Effects of melamine on the properties of medium-density fiberboard fabricated with urea-based resins.  
308598542 Dynamic mechanical properties of polymeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate/bio-oil adhesive system.  
308598541 Examination of the specimen configuration and analysis method in the flexural and longitudinal vibration tests of solid wood and wood-based materials.  
308598540 Effects of outdoor exposure angle on the deterioration of wood-based board properties.  
308598539 Protocol comparison: laboratory versus natural weathering tests for performance evaluation of coatings on preservative-treated wood.  
308598538 Effect of moisture sorption state on vibrational properties of wood.  
308598537 A comparison of geometry effect on tensile testing of wood strands.  
308598536 Modeling the effect of nail corrosion on the lateral strength of joints.  
308598535 Erratum.  
303350138 Decorative materials from rice straw and cornstarch adhesives.  
303350137 Comparative study of the storage stability between a melamine-urea-formaldehyde and a urea-formaldehyde resin.  
303350136 Veneer-reinforced particleboard for exterior structural composition board.  
303350135 A laboratory test of the leachability and decay resistance of some synthesized borate compounds.  
303350134 Effects of peripheral planing on surface characteristics and adhesion of a waterborne acrylic coating to black Spruce Wood.  
303350133 Effects of end plates on reducing checking of pentachlorophenol-treated Douglas-fir crossarms.  
303350132 Bending strength and stiffness of Portuguese maritime pine utility poles.  
303350131 Determination of crosscutting safety zone for finger, jointed Pinus sylvestris furniture components.  
303350130 Wood properties of young Acacia mangium trees planted in Indonesia.  
303350129 Determining stocks and flows of structural wood products in single family homes in the United States between 1950 and 2010.  
303350128 Exploring market opportunities for American hardwoods through Chinese international furniture supply trade shows.  
303350127 Erratum.  
299759421 Vibration method for the prediction of aging effect on properties of particleboard and fiberboard.  
299759420 Effects of moulding temperature on the physical properties of wood-based moulding bonded with citric acid.  
299759419 Properties of rubberwood medium-density fiberboard bonded with starch and urea-formaldehyde.  
299759418 Effects of wheat protein as a biological binder in the manufacture of particleboards using a mixture of canola, hemp, bagasse, and commercial wood.  
299759417 Effects of postlayup borate treatment on appearance and flexural properties of Douglas-Fir glued laminated beams.  
299759416 Surface preparation of wood for application of waterborne coatings.  
299759415 Energy consumption and efficiency of Appalachian hardwood sawmills.  
299759414 Influence of sawing patterns on lumber quality and yield in large sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) logs.  
299759413 A study of the visual physical characteristics and psychological images of select Taiwanese hardwoods.  
299759412 Financial assessment of logging residue collection in the Southeast United States.  
299759411 Changes in Tennessee's secondary hardwood processing and sawmill industries from 2005 to 2009.  
299759410 Message from president: speech delivered by Patrice R. Tardif, President at the Forest Products Society's 66th International Convention in Washington, DC.  
299990430 The prolonged effect of plasma treatment upon dielectric properties of wood-based composites.  
299990429 Improved plywood strength and lowered emissions from soybean meal/melamine urea-formaldehyde adhesives.  
299990428 Resistance of selected wood-based materials to fungal and termite attack in non-soil contact exposures.  
299990427 A comparison of drying strategies for spruce-pine-fir dimension lumber.  
299990426 Sanitation felling and helicopter harvesting of bark beetle-infested trees in alpine forests: an assessment of the economic costs.  
299990425 Productivity and cost of integrated harvesting for fuel reduction thinning in mixed-conifer forest.  
299990424 Predicting internal white oak (Quercus alba) log defect features using surface defect indicator measurements.  
299990423 Impact assessment of the 2008 to 2010 economic downturn period on Appalachian hardwood sawmill operations.  
299990422 The Chinese treated wood market: current status and future perspectives.  
299990421 Deconstructing innovation: an exploratory study of the US furniture industry.  
299990420 Impact of great recession and housing collapse on the forest products industry in the western United States.  
299990419 Recession effects on the forests and forest products industries of the South.  
299990418 An assessment of the downturn in the forest products sector in the northern region of the United States.  
299990417 An overview of the forest products sector downturn in the United States.