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157098575 Coming events.  
157098574 A new resource of nervonic acid from purpleblow maple (Acer truncatum) seed oil.  
157098573 Selected properties of MDF and flakeboard overlaid with fiberglass mats.  
157098572 Effect of openings on the racking strength of structural log walls.  
157098571 Evaluation of varnish coating performance for three surfacing methods on sugar maple wood.  
157098570 Degradation of a wood-plastic composite exposed under tropical conditions.  
157098569 Protection of wood using oxy-aluminum compounds.  
157098568 Increasing mold resistance of strand boards with spruce heartwood.  
157098567 Evaluation of rapid DNA extraction and identification of Phellinus pini associated with Pinus contorta by rDNA assay.  
157098566 Early detection and progression of decay in L-joints and lap-joints in a moderate decay hazard zone.  
157098565 Modeling product recovery in relation to selected tree characteristics in black spruce using an optimized random sawing simulator.  
157098564 Effects of bark thickness estimates on optimal log merchandising.  
157098563 Estimating log volumes of three tree species in Turkey by six formulae.  
157098562 Adaptive control of bucking on harvesters: Target and timing effects.  
157098561 A real-time goal-seeking model for optimizing chop saw systems.  
157098560 Use of near infrared spectroscopy and multivariate analysis to predict wood density of Douglas-fir from chain saw chips.  
157098559 Bending fatigue life of metal-plate-connected joints in furniture-grade pine plywood.  
157098558 Exploratory study of the withdrawal resistance of round mortise and tenon joints with steel pipe cross pins.  
157098557 Performance of stock kitchen cabinets and laboratory-produced cabinets based on joint tests.  
157098556 Properties of hot-melt adhesives used in kitchen cabinets.  
157098555 Innovation in China's furniture industry.  
157098554 Productivity and efficiency assessment of the wood industry: a review with a focus on Canada.  
157098553 Sustaining, supporting, and contributing members.  
157098552 Mark Barford named NHLA Executive Manager.  
157098551 Gulf Coast Steel initiative capitalizes on Hurricane Katrina.  
157098550 Pending Agreement with U.S. and Canada regarding softwood lumber trade dispute.  
157098549 Canadian research groups announce plans to integrate activities.  
157098548 Weyerhaeuser, Domtar merger creates fine paper giant.  
157098547 Dricon fire retardant treated Wood celebrates 25 years.  
157098546 Statement of ownership, management, and circulation (Act of August 12, 1970; Section 3685, Title 39, United States Code).  
157098545 2005 Wood Design Package.  
157098544 Announcement of publication of additional journal by the Forest Products Society.  
157098543 Awards for excellence in research, leadership, and service presented at the Official Luncheon.  
157098542 Highlights of section, Chapter, Division/TIG, and executive board meetings.  
157098541 Forest certification in Sri Lanka.  
153309154 Mass layoffs and plant closures in the U.S. wood products and furniture manufacturing industries.  
153309153 Predicting indoor-air formaldehyde concentrations from emissions of urea-formaldehyde-bonded wood products using the Versar model.  
153309152 Pilot-scale production and material properties of extruded straw-plastic composites based on untreated and fungal-treated wheat straw.  
153309151 Influence of knife angle and ambient temperature on fines generation from flakers.  
153309150 The effect of curve sawing two-sided cants from small-diameter hardwood sawlogs on lumber and pallet part yields.  
153309149 An economic assessment of implementing streamside management zones in central Appalachian hardwood forests.  
153309148 Preservative treatment of ash wood from emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis) infested trees.  
153309147 Strategies for improving the performance of plywood adhesive mix fillers from southern yellow pine bark.  
153309146 Environmental performance improvement in residential construction: the impact of products, biofuels, and processes.  
153309144 Supply-chain system costs of alternative grocery industry pallet systems.  
153309143 Estimated VOC losses during the drying of six eastern hardwood species.  
153309142 What consumers feel and prefer: haptic perception of various wood flooring surfaces.  
153309141 The Habitat for Humanity ReStore system: sourcing and sales of donated wood-based building materials.  
153309140 Association of ring shake in eastern hemlock with tree attributes.  
153309139 Experimental evaluation of wood I-joists with web holes.