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241102449 Meet MaryBeth Evans.  
241102448 Physical education for the future.  
241102447 A new emerging educator representative.  
241102446 Are there really schools of peace? Yes!  
241102445 Building cultural bridges: there are many bridges to be built.  
241102444 ACEI making a difference: update on the preschool for girls in Tanzania.  
241102443 Children's books.  
241102442 Twenty-First Century Kids, Twenty-First Century Librarians.  
241102441 Easy and Effective Writing Lessons for English Language Learners.  
241102440 Academic Language, Academic Literacy.  
241102439 Assessing Differentiated Student Products.  
241102438 Teaching the Female Brain.  
241102437 100 Writing Lessons.  
241102436 The Forgotten Room.  
241102435 Autism Spectrum Disorders.  
241102434 Digital media learning supports individuals with cognitive disabilities.  
241102433 Collaborative inquiry: growing to learn, and learning to grow.  
241102432 Legacy of no child left behind.  
241102431 Can you imagine a world without recess?  
241102430 What did you learn in school today? The importance of socioemotional development--a comparison of U.S. and Danish child care.  
241102429 An interview with Diane Ravitch: author of The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How testing and choice are undermining education.  
241102428 The marginalization of women educators: a consequence of no child left behind?  
241102427 No child left behind: the inadvertent costs for high-achieving and gifted students.  
241102426 Literacy, literature, and censorship: the high cost of no child left behind.  
241102425 The literacy legacy of books that were left behind: the role of children's literature and concepts of free reading in NCLB.  
241102424 Looking back and looking forward: lessons learned from early reading first.  
241102423 Some legacies of No Child Left Behind.  
241102422 United Nations Civil Society Consultation on the Millennium Development Goals.  
241102421 A special issue.  
241102420 Exploring the right to education.  
236479915 A review: Journal of Research in Childhood Education, vol. 24, no. 2.  
236479914 Fathers and male teachers: effects on boys' academic and non-academic development.  
236479913 "Las for Mej, Pappa" a Swedish model for addressing family literacy.  
236479912 Hispanic young fathers: an overview of programs and practices.  
236479911 Fathering a child with a disability in India: a perspective from Mumbai.  
236479910 Fathers of young children with disabilities in the United States: current status and implications.  
236479909 Parental involvement in Taiwanese families: father-mother differences.  
236479908 Japan's parental leave policy: has it affected gender ideology and child care norms in Japan? Japanese caregivers and parents believe that current policies and ongoing workplace realities do nothing to alleviate the pressures parents, especially fathers, feel, both in themselves and from society.  
236479907 Exploring fatherhood in Bangladesh: fatherhood is an important element in the construction of Bangladeshi male identity.  
236479906 The status of fatherhood and fathering in South Africa.  
236479905 Father/male involvement in the care and education of children: history, trends, research, policies, and programs around the world.  
225579904 Discussion Guide Series: Investing in Strategies To Serve Vulnerable Children and Families.  
225579903 Mission: Organization. Transform Your Middle Schooler From a Backpack Pack-rat to a Planning Pro.  
225579902 Putting Middle Grades Students on the Graduation Path: A Policy and Practice Brief.  
225579901 Beyond Access: Effective Reading for All.  
225579900 Overcoming Inequality: Why Governance Matters. Monitoring Report.  
225579899 State of the World's Mothers: Annual Report.  
225579898 Wii: an innovative learning tool in the classroom.  
225579897 Intellectual Emergencies: Some Reflections on Mothering and Teaching.  
225579896 A History Of Children's Play And Play Environments: Toward a Contemporary Child-Saving Movement.