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254482646 Juster, Norton: The Odious Ogre.  
254482644 Levine, Gail Carson: Betsy Red Hoodie.  
254482642 Elya, Susan Middleton: Rubia And The Three Osos.  
254482641 Browne, Anthony: Me And You.  
254482639 Stein, David Ezra: Interrupting Chicken.  
254482637 Ransome, James E. Gunner, Football Hero.  
254482635 Cox, Judy: Carmen Learns English.  
254482633 Joosse, Barbara: Friends (Mostly).  
254482630 Guy, Ginger Foglesong: !Bravo!  
254482629 Lacamara, Laura: Floating On Mama's Song / Flotando En La Cancion De Mama.  
254482628 Oelschlager, Vanita: A Tale Of Two Daddies.  
254482624 McMullan, Kate & Jim: I'm Big!  
254482623 Books for children.  
254482621 Keeping the arts alive in a test-crazed culture.  
254482618 Helping children understand fraction concepts using various contexts and interpretations.  
254482615 Welcoming the Mayhem, being found, and making a "big story": tales of a teacher research addict.  
254482612 Social justice and multiculturalism: implications for school counselors and counselor educators.  
254482610 Coping and caring amid toppling towers and tears.  
254482608 What makes a good story? Supporting oral narratives of young children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.  
254482606 Teaching English language learners (ELLs) Mathematics in early childhood.  
254482604 Peaceful pen pals: a school-home-university service learning project.  
254482603 Hoikuen or Yochien: past/present/ and future of Japanese early childhood education.  
254482600 Environmental stewardship in early childhood.  
254482598 Implementing an authentic character education curriculum.  
254482596 Educating children in emergencies.  
250133823 Process art vs. product art: the teacher's dilemma.  
250133822 Tune in to ACEI Radio!  
250133821 Student chapter service projects.  
250133820 What do elementary teachers need to know?  
250133819 Think globally, act locally.  
250133818 Dance, love, sing, live: peace-building through the arts.  
250133817 ACEI student chapters sweep the board.  
250133816 ACEI member honored as Singapore's Volunteer of the Year.  
250133815 Back to the future.  
250133814 Ramps and Pathways: Developmentally Appropriate, Intellectually Rigorous, and Fun Physical Science.  
250133813 Science in the Air.  
250133812 Linking Standards and Engaged Learning in the Early Years.  
250133811 When 2-Year-Olds and 3-Year-Olds Think Like Scientists.  
250133810 Application of the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Science Curriculum.  
250133809 Preschoolers' Acquisition of Scientific Vocabulary Through Repeated Read-aloud Events, Retellings, and Hands-On Science Activities.  
250133808 Supporting Young Children's Explanations Through Inquiry Science in Preschool.  
250133807 The Early Years: Where Did the Water Go?  
250133806 Association for Childhood Education International Annual International Conference.  
250133805 Using Cultural Tools to Develop Scientific Literacy of Young Mexican American Preschoolers.  
250133804 Creating a Curriculum That Fosters Scientific Thought.  
250133803 Engage, Investigate, and Report: Enhancing the Curriculum With Scientific Inquiry.  
250133802 Understanding the Dialectical Relations Between Everyday Concepts and Scientific Concepts Within Play-Based Programs.  
250133801 Play, Projects, and Preschool Standards: Nurturing Children's Sense of Wonder and Joy in Learning.  
250133800 Launching Learners in Science, Prek-5: How To Design Standards-Based Experiences and Engage Students in Classroom Conversations.  
250133799 Among the periodicals.