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298750576 Literacy readiness: transitional partnerships between preschool and kindergarten.  
298750575 Inmate mothers bonding with their children through read-alouds.  
298750574 "Read it! Do it! Tell it! Play it!" Preschoolers and their families having fun with stories.  
298750573 Profile of a city: what one city is doing to make early education available to every child.  
298750572 Promoting preschool literacy: a family literacy program for homeless mothers and their children.  
298750571 Community-based book reading programs for parents young children Japan.  
298750570 My very own imagination library.  
298750569 The journey toward literacy begins in infancy: the Reach Out and Read innovation.  
298750568 A heritage of literacy in the home.  
298750567 Growing readers: everyone's job.  
290733842 A review: Journal of Research in Childhood Education, Vol. 25, No. 4.  
290733841 Family literacy support for preschool children.  
290733840 What is the value of play?  
290733839 Before They Read: Teaching Language and Literacy Development Through Conversations, Interactive Read-alouds, and Listening Games.  
290733838 Getting Beyond "I Like The Book": Creating Space for Critical Literacy in K-6 Classrooms.  
290733837 Early Intervention for Reading Difficulties: The Interactive Strategies Approach.  
290733836 Making Sense Of Phonics: The Hows and Whys.  
290733835 To teach: The Journey of a Teacher (3rd ed.).  
290733834 The Boy On The Beach: Building Community Through Play.  
290733833 Animal antics.  
290733832 Visual supports for promoting social skills in young children: a family perspective.  
290733831 Epistemology, phenomenology, and reflection: a "stop, look, and listen" for educators.  
290733830 Social welfare and minding the achievement gap: a view from Denmark.  
290733829 Partnering with Latino families during kindergarten transition: lessons learned from a parent-teacher conference.  
290733828 Meaning, memory, and multiplication: integrating patterns and properties with basic facts.  
290733827 Implementing formative mathematics assessments in Prekindergarten.  
290733826 Using online storybooks to build comprehension.  
290733825 Fire makers, barnyards, and prickly forests: a preschool stroll around the block.  
286114038 A review: Journal of Research in Childhood Education, Volume 25, No. 3.  
286114037 The Economic Value of Higher Teacher Quality.  
286114036 Expanding Measures of School Performance Under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.  
286114035 A Review of School Readiness Practices in the States: Early Learning Guidelines and Assessments.  
286114034 Research Brief: Motivating Struggling Math Students.  
286114033 Young Children of Immigrants and the Path to Educational Success: Key Themes From an Urban Institute Roundtable.  
286114032 Making Summer Count: How Summer Programs Can Boost Children's Learning.  
286114031 Teachers and technology: a technological divide.  
286114030 Blocks and Beyond: Strengthening Early Math and Science Skills Through Spatial Learning.  
286114029 Early Childhood Education: History, Theory, and Practice (2nd ed.).  
286114028 To Teach: The Journey of a Teacher (3rd ed.).  
286114027 Planning & Managing Effective Reading Instruction Across The Content Area.  
286114026 35 Strategies For Guiding Readers Through Informational Texts.  
286114025 Empowering The Voice of The Teacher Researcher.  
286114024 Putting Writing Research Into Practice: Applications for Teacher Professional Development.  
286114023 Adolescent Education: A Reader.  
286114022 The Grieving Student: A Teacher's Guide.  
286114021 Ordinary Gifted Children: The Power and Promise of Individual Attention.  
286114020 A spring full of reading.  
286114019 Family conversations in informal learning environments.  
286114018 Self-created children's literature as a teaching strategy: voices from the college and the elementary classroom.  
286114017 Teaching as lived research.