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198931296 Shining Stars--Kindergartners Learn to Read.  
198931295 Beginning Literacy and your Child: A Guide To Helping Your Baby or Preschooler Become a Reader.  
198931294 The Best Children's Books of the Year.  
198931293 Quality Counts 2009: Portrait of a Population: How English Language Learners are Putting Schools to the Test.  
198931292 Interactive whiteboards: creating higher-level, technological thinkers?  
198931291 Helping Students Overcome Depression and Anxiety: A Practical Guide (2nd ed.).  
198931290 Teaching With Your Heart: Lessons I Learned From the Freedom Writers.  
198931289 Ready For Preschool.  
198931288 American Public Education Law.  
198931287 How To Write.  
198931286 Teaching as an Act of Love: Thoughts and Recollections of a Former Teacher, Principal and Kid.  
198931285 Already Ready: Nurturing Writers in Preschool and Kindergarten.  
198931284 Prelutsky, Jack: My Dog May Be A Genius.  
198931283 Foxworthy, Jeff: Dirt On My Shirt.  
198931282 Weill, Cynthia: Abecedarios: Mexican Folk Art ABCs in English and Spanish.  
198931281 Lourie, Peter: On The Texas Trail of Cabeza De Vaca.  
198931280 Bauer, Marion Dane: A Mama For Owen.  
198931279 Andreadis, Ianna: Sun Stone Days/Tonaltin/ Dias De Piedra.  
198931278 Turner, Ann: Sitting Bull Remembers.  
198931277 Sanchez, Anita: The Invasion of Sandy Bay.  
198931276 Myers, Walter Dean: Game.  
198931275 Myers, Tim: The Furry-Legged Teapot.  
198931274 Leedy, Loreen: Crazy Like A Fox: A Simile Story.  
198931273 Kimmel, E. A.: The Three Cabritos.  
198931272 Diakite, Baba Wague: Mee-An and the Magic Serpent.  
198931271 DeGross, Monalisa: Donavan's Double Trouble.  
198931270 Bunting, Eve: The Man with the Red Bag.  
198931269 Putting the cart before the horse: the role of a socio-moral atmosphere in an inquiry-based curriculum.  
198931268 More than just storybooks: promoting emergent literacy skills in the home.  
198931267 The impact of teachers' expectations on diverse learners' academic outcomes.  
198931266 Pedagogies of absence: education beyond an ethos of standardization.  
198931265 Picture this: using photography as a learning tool in early childhood classrooms.  
198931264 Families as decision-makers: when researchers and advocates work together.  
198931263 An intriguing link between drawing and play with toys.  
198931262 Interdisciplinary literacy unit: transformation of Italian folklore through shadow theater. Pinocchio, Son of Leonardo, Survivor of Vesuvius: a strong body of research supports the common-sense assumption that by teaching interdisciplinary curriculum, concepts become more relevant to students.  
198931261 Read my dance: promoting early writing through dance: the 2008 Annual Theme issue of Childhood Education, guest edited by Stacey Neuharth-Pritchett and Lilia DiBello, examined the topic of school readiness and Pre-K programs. We revisit that theme with this research study.  
198931260 Allophilia: moving beyond tolerance in the classroom.  
194700864 Pretend play in the early childhood classroom: this column presents and summarizes recent resources related to pretend play in the early childhood classroom.  
194700863 DVD/video.  
194700862 2008 Wallace Foundation Distinguished Lecture: The Centrality of Culture to the Scientific Study of Learning and Development: How an Ecological Framework in Education Research Facilitates Civic Responsibility.  
194700861 When Child Care Breaks Down: Mothers' Experiences With Child Care Problems and Resulting Missed Work.  
194700860 A Kotex and a Smile: Mothers and Daughters at Menarche.  
194700859 Real Life Calls for Real Books: Literature to Help Children Cope With Family Stressors.  
194700858 Socioeconomics in Reading Trajectories: The Contribution of Family, Neighborhoods, and School Contexts.  
194700857 Constructing the Big Picture: A Working Class Family Supports Their Daughter's Pathways to Literacy.  
194700856 All in the Family: Connecting Home and School With Family Literacy.  
194700855 Issues related to family and culture.  
194700854 When School Reform Goes Wrong.  
194700853 Why Is Math So Hard for Some Children?: The Nature and Origins of Mathematical Learning Difficulties and Disabilities.  
194700852 What Your Preschooler Needs to Know: Read-Alouds to Get Ready for Kindergarten.