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210918952 ACEI yearbook 2009-2010.  
210918951 Motivating students is easy when the topic is food.  
210918950 Trick-or-treat for UNICEF continues to save children's lives worldwide.  
210918949 What are the true benefits of ACEI membership?  
210918948 How does ACEI help children and teachers?  
210918947 Nancy Bartlett Hitch Student Scholarship Award.  
210918946 Elizabeth Breathwaite Student Leadership Award.  
210918945 Building cultural bridges.  
210918944 San Antonio ACEI.  
210918943 Activities for the mind and body: bean bags.  
210918942 ACEI: empower educators.  
210918941 Public affairs committee update.  
210918940 Protecting human rights: perspectives from the united nations.  
210918939 A new school year--opening the door to your peaceful classroom.  
210918938 ACEI: NCATE and TEAC differences and discussion.  
210918937 Leadership matters.  
210918936 "Every Child, Every Nation"--ACEI in action.  
210918935 Rice, rice, rice in the bin: addressing culturally appropriate practice in early childhood classrooms.  
210918934 Calming rough wafers: teacher strategies for smoothing the transition to middle school.  
210918933 Pre-kindergartners learn to write: a "play on words".  
210918932 Drawing opens pathways to problem solving for young children.  
210918931 Achieving success with African American learners: a framework for culturally responsive mathematics teaching.  
206851511 Online resources related to children affected by war, terrorism, and disaster.  
206851510 Annotated bibliography of children's literature resources on war, terrorism, and disaster since 1945: by continents/countries for Grades K-8.  
206851509 Children's literature resources on war, terrorism, and natural disasters for pre-K to grade 3.  
206851508 Building resiliency to childhood trauma through arts-based learning.  
206851507 Building resilience to trauma: creating a safe and supportive early childhood classroom.  
206851506 Ain't gonna study war no more? Explorations of war through picture books.  
206851505 Working with children who have experienced war, terrorism, and disaster.  
206851504 Listening to children's voices: literature and the arts as means of responding to the effects of war, terrorism, and disaster.  
206851503 Exploring the special needs of African refugee children in U.S. schools.  
206851502 The impact of the HIV/AIDS and economic crises on orphans and other vulnerable children in Zimbabwe.  
206851501 Out of sight, out of mind. Or is it? The impact of the war on children in the United States.  
206851500 Helping children cope with the impact of war, terrorism, and disaster: an introduction.  
198931312 2009 ACEI chapter recognition. Award winners presented at annual conference and exhibition.  
198931311 We're seeking stories of your summer adventures.  
198931310 Achieving the impossible.  
198931309 Did "The Beaver" question my authority? Helping children learn about respect.  
198931308 Elizabeth Breathwaite Student Leadership Award.  
198931307 Nancy Bartlett Hitch Student Scholarship Award.  
198931306 Chapter happenings at the University of Central Florida, Orlando.  
198931305 Story letters.  
198931304 West Tennessee ACEI Chapter: 2008 Fall Conference.  
198931303 Distinguished Educator named to the ACEI Roll of Honor.  
198931302 ACEI elects new executive board member.  
198931301 In the bullring with a foreign language--ole!  
198931300 Teacher, where are you?  
198931299 A few snapshots of conference highlights: children at the crossroads: educating all to move forward.  
198931298 Everyone's Invited: Interactive Strategies That Engage Young Adolescents.  
198931297 Developing Oral Language Skills in a Child.