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311379805 First Principles: Five Keys to Restoring America's Prosperity.  
311379804 Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.  
311379803 The biases that limit our thinking about the economic outlook and policy.  
311379802 The global engineering consultancy market.  
311379801 Keynesian fiscal stimulus: what have we learned from the Great Recession?  
311379800 Predictability of financial crises: lessons from Sweden for other countries.  
311379799 A comparison of consensus and BVAR macroeconomic forecasts.  
311379798 The myths and facts of patent troll and excessive payment: have nonpracticing entities (NPEs) been overcompensated?  
311379797 From the editor.  
301871597 Milton Friedman: A Concise Guide to the Ideas and Influence of the Free-Market Economist.  
301871596 Money Well Spent? The Truth Behind the Trillion-Dollar Stimulus, the Biggest Economic Recovery Plan in History.  
301871595 Toward a more comprehensive measure of labor underutilization: the Alabama case.  
301871594 Medical malpractice liability and physician migration.  
301871593 Impact of a Middle East oil export disruption.  
301871592 Musings on the macroeconomic effects of oil price increases.  
301871591 Economic sanctions against Iran: is the third decade a charm?  
301871590 Tough love: the true nature of the Eurozone crisis.  
301871589 Perpetuating puffery: an analysis of the composition of OMB's reported benefits of regulation.  
301871588 Choices for federal spending and taxes.  
301871587 From the editor.  
290067624 Dynamic Economic Decision Making.  
290067623 Spousonomics: Using Economics to Master Love, Marriage and Dirty Dishes.  
290067622 Interpreting the performance of business economists during the great recession.  
290067621 A U.S. manufacturing strategy for the 21st century: what policies yield national sector competitiveness?  
290067620 The long wave revisited.  
290067619 Disentangling beta and value premium using macroeconomic risk factors.  
290067618 What small countries can teach the world.  
290067617 On the importance of education.  
290067616 From the editor.  
282427036 The Next American Economy: Blueprint for a Real Recovery.  
282427035 Trade and Poverty: when the Third World Fell Behind.  
282427034 Economists in a world of shaky recovery.  
282427033 Constructing global production activity indices: the chemical industry.  
282427032 State minimum wage differences: economic factors or political inclinations?  
282427031 How does the FOMC learn about economic revolutions? evidence from the new economy era, 1994-2001.  
282427030 "Real-feel" inflation: quantitative estimation of inflation perceptions.  
282427029 What can the developed world learn from the Latin American debt and Mexican peso crisis?  
282427028 From the editor.  
274700871 Investing in Kids: Early Childhood Programs and Local Economic Development.  
274700870 Transportation Indicators and Business Cycles.  
274700869 Focus on industries and markets: electric power transmission and distribution equipment.  
274700868 Rising crude oil prices: the link to environmental regulations.  
274700867 An economic perspective on patent licensing structure and provisions.  
274700866 The small business sector in recent recoveries.  
274700865 U.S. workers delaying retirement: who and why and implications for businesses.  
274700864 Nightmare on Kaiserstrasse.  
274700863 From the editor.  
270375999 Adapt: Why Success Always Starts with Failure.  
270375998 Triumph of the City: How Our Greatest Invention Makes Us Richer, Smarter, Greener, Healthier, and Happier.  
270375997 Economic challenges in the clean energy supply chain: the market for rare earth minerals and other critical inputs.