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310255314 Appraisal Institute Education Trust announcement of scholarship awards.  
310255313 News from NCREIF: valuation committee meeting notes.  
310255312 Appraisal Journal panel offers insights into authorship at AI Connect meeting.  
310255311 Haunted flats: quantifying the value of stigmatization in an apartment market.  
310255310 The effects of mineral interests on land appraisals in shale gas regions.  
310255309 An alternative sales analysis approach for vacant land valuation.  
310255308 Understanding and appraising properties with accessory dwelling units.  
310255307 Valuation in matrimonial dissolution cases.  
310255306 Changing of the guard, guarding of the change.  
310255305 Property sales that occurred after town-wide reappraisal could not be used to establish valuation.  
310255304 The court will not permit reformation of marital agreement unless it finds mutual mistake.  
310255303 Appraisal process required by insurance policy is condition precedent to insured's ability to file suit against insurer.  
310255302 An appraiser's reservations about assumptions for highest and best use of undeveloped land will not render the appraiser's valuation testimony irrelevant.  
310255301 District court does not have authority to modify requirement that notice of appeal of appraisers' award must be filed within 30 days of filing appraisers' report.  
310255300 In ordering confirmation of foreclosure sale, it is a trial court's discretion to weigh credibility of expert appraiser's opinion.  
310255299 Appraisal of real property must meet all substantial requirements to allow for charitable contribution deduction.  
310255298 The phrase "amount of loss," as it relates to an appraiser's authority, unambiguously permits the appraiser to determine the cause of loss.  
310255297 Appraisal Journal annual article awards.  
294073653 Comments on "Price versus Fundamentals--From Bubbles to Distressed Markets".  
294073652 Comments on "Project Delay Economics".  
294073651 Opportunities to join the new candidate for designation program.  
294073650 Perform market analysis with a feasibility study for indoor waterpark resorts and outdoor waterparks.  
294073649 Price, value, and comparable distinctions in distressed markets.  
294073648 Daily pricing: an appraiser's dream?  
294073647 Market delineation.  
294073646 Housing market developments in Europe.  
294073645 Lessons (to be) learned.  
294073644 A recent, voluntary arm's-length transaction, while not conclusive, is persuasive of market value.  
294073643 Compensation for obstruction of access to public highway occurs only when access to existing roadway is denied or limited by governmental taking.  
294073642 Property value is determined in light of purpose of valuation and proposed disposition or use.  
294073641 All factors contributing to diminution of market value of remainder property are relevant in measuring damages in partial takings case.  
294073640 Appraiser's use of listing price in appraisal did not chill homeowner's right to free speech.  
294073639 Motel owner not entitled to economic damages for loss of access after state lengthened access route.  
294073638 Landowner who fails to provide evidence of fair market value at trial not entitled to reconsideration of just compensation award.  
294073637 Native American tribe's sovereign immunity not implicated in eminent domain action against land acquired on open market.  
294073636 Richard U. Ratcliff Award.  
294073635 Swango Award.  
294073634 Armstrong/Kahn Award.  
294073633 Appraisal Journal Outstanding Service Award.  
283945511 Convenience Stores and Retail Fuel Properties: Essential Appraisal Issues, Second Edition.  
283945510 Comments on "price versus fundamentals--from bubbles to distressed markets".  
283945509 Site essentials of convenience stores and retail fuel properties.  
283945508 Market conditions adjustments for residential development land in a declining market.  
283945507 Correcting for the effects of seasonality on home prices.  
283945506 High-voltage transmission lines and rural, western real estate values.  
283945505 Describing the green house made easy.  
283945504 It's all about timing: spring forward, fall back?  
283945503 Airport property may properly be designated as open space.  
283945502 Compound interest on damages is required to fairly and justly compensate landowner in lengthy eminent domain proceeding.  
283945501 Appraiser's expert opinion supported court's conclusion that foreclosure sale brought true market value of property.