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264366300 Members of Alabama Academy of Sciences (2011).  
264366299 Selected physiological responses of kudzu to different levels of induced water stress.  
264366298 A survey of U.S. laws on human trafficking.  
264366297 Justice revisited: the catalyst of the voting rights act of 1965.  
264366296 The effectiveness of advanced oxidation techniques in degrading ethynylestradiol in water.  
252968124 Energy allocation for egg production during starvation in sympatric crayfish, Procambarus clarkii and Procambarus zonangulus.  
252968123 Analysis and Classification of the intestinal microbiota of the Slimy Salamander by 16S ribosomal DNA sequencing.  
252968122 The End of Science.  
252968121 Use of culverts as diurnal roost by bats in Butler Co, Alabama.  
236642859 Agenda Alabama Academy of Science spring 2010 Executive Committee meeting Alabama A&M University.  
236642858 Alabama Academy of Science fall 2009 Executive Committee Meeting Samford University.  
236642857 Gorgas Competition paper Abstracts.  
236642856 Science Education paper Abstracts.  
236642855 Physic and Mathematics paper Abstracts.  
236642854 Industry and Economics paper Abstracts.  
236642853 Health Science paper Abstracts.  
236642852 Geography, Forestry, Conservation, and planning paper abstracts.  
236642851 Engineering and Computer Science paper Abstracts.  
236642850 Earth Sciences paper Abstracts.  
236642849 Chemistry (Alabama undergraduate Research symposium).  
236642848 Chemistry paper Abstracts.  
236642847 Biological Sciences paper Abstracts.  
236642846 Bioethics, History, and Philosophy of Science paper Abstracts.  
236642845 Behavioral and Social Sciences paper Abstracts.  
236642844 Anthropology paper Abstracts.  
226716153 Members of Alabama academy of sciences (2010).  
226716152 The genus Indigofera (Fabaceae) in Alabama.  
226716151 Enhancement of callus induction and cucurbitacin content in Citrullus colocynthis L. (Schrad) using plant growth regulators.  
226716150 Determining sources of E. coli pollution in Dry Creek, Alabama.  
226716149 Analysis of bacterial diversity in soils from Blowing Spring Cave (Lauderdale County, AL).  
215611377 After the double helix ... what?  
215611376 Bromination of dimethyl maleate using bromoform as catalyst under different energy sources: a case study for its role in biotransformations.  
215611375 Safeguarding revenue-generating assets in austere economic environments: a case study of Dadeville, Alabama.  
215611374 Movement of mercury from a contaminated city park in Oxford into the Coosa River, Alabama.  
215611373 Comparison of methods for the extraction of genomic DNA from aerobic digest.  
207870197 Lead levels in drinking water.  
207870196 In the face of interface: nano-indentation of various composites to determine mechanical strength.  
207870195 A solar Stirling renewable energy power system for earth and space applications.  
207870194 To build a better motor: the continued analysis of propellant addittives and their effects on combustion.  
207870193 Planaria hysteria: does red LED light aid in the regeneration of planaria and promote wound healing?  
207870192 Iron oxidizing bacteria: optimal growth conditions in local stream.  
207870191 Anthro-teach: developing scholar-teachers and student scientists using Alabama Native American collections.  
207870190 The medical and social impact of cholera in the 19th century and beyond.  
207870189 Teaching science and evolution in Anthropology.  
207870188 Super-size it! a look at large-scale anatomy exhibits in informal science education.  
207870187 Science homework and parental involvement:factors influencing behaviors and attitudes.  
207870186 Dinosaurs and pseudoscience (a question about the K-T boundary).  
207870185 Applications of physical science concepts in the teaching of the physical sciences.  
207870184 Intruder detection using Manhattan metric.  
207870183 Fabrication and characteristics of organic vapor sensors based on binary metal oxides.