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207870132 Malaria vaccine candidate Plasmodium falciparum Merozoite Surface Protein 6: assessing genetic diversity in the Peruvian Amazon.  
207870131 Leptin evaluation and cytogenetic profiles to elucidate factors affecting reproductive performance of the creme d'Argent - an endangered rabbit breed.  
207870130 Human Papillomavirus: a silent killer.  
207870129 Hemoglobin expression in the hypothalamus of mice following atypical antipsychotic Drug Treatment.  
207870128 Floristic survey of selected sites in the Shoal Creek ranger district, Talladega National Forest, Alabama.  
207870127 Effects of pine tree extract on Xenopus laevis.  
207870126 DNA methylation in spatial learning and memory.  
207870125 Developmental toxicity of ionic liquids.  
207870124 Development and validation of semi-quantitative immunohistochemical assay for expression of Survivin protein.  
207870123 Cetuximab does not sensitize squamous cell carcinoma cell lines to ionizing radiation in vitro.  
207870122 A summer on the Zone Diet.  
207870121 Unpaved road-stream crossings in Pike County, AL: assessed by use of a sedimentation risk index (SRI).  
207870120 Toxoplasma gondii infection rates in feral house cats (Felis catus) in Sumter County, Alabama.  
207870119 Toxicity of venom from two tarantula species.  
207870118 The gray bat, Myotis grisescens, and its status in North Alabama.  
207870117 Temperature and rainfall trends in south central Alabama and western Georgia.  
207870116 Seasonal appraisal of presence or absence of fecal indicator bacteria in water before and after treatment.  
207870115 Road-kill survey of Alabama red-bellied turtles on the Mobile Bay Causeway-VII.  
207870114 Investigative studies of the effects of ultraviolet radiations (UVR) to Arabidopsis thaliana plants and their callus.  
207870113 Prodigiosin pigment of the bacterium serratia marcescens may function to spill excess cellular energy.  
207870112 Pilot comparison of Oxbow lakes microflora, " Perry Lakes Park," Perry County, Alabama.  
207870111 Phylogenetic distinctiveness of the endangered Alabama Red-Bellied Cooter (Pseudemys alabamensis baur).  
207870110 Is RNA interference involved in plant-fungal symbiosis?  
207870109 Investigation update of woody perennial flowering in Populus deltoides for training in functional genomics.  
207870108 Halotolerance in Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Listeria monocytogenes: a comparison of their interactions with Nacl.  
207870107 Genetic variation in Pike County, Al, bald cypress populations.  
207870106 Genetic variation in Great Plains and mid-western Walleye populations.  
207870105 Diamondback terrapin hatchling orientation: to Sea or not to Sea?  
207870104 Darter microhabitat utilization in Sicolocco Creek (Sumter County).  
207870103 Darter microhabitat utilization in Mill Creek (Sumter County).  
207870102 Darter assemblages of Sumter County streams.  
207870101 Comparison of abundance of marine life species at St. Andrews State park and the Dry Tortugas National park.  
207870100 Borrelia in host-seeking ticks in Western Alabama.  
207870099 Aphid vectors of Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus in Alabama and panhandle Florida.  
207870098 The development of personhood.  
207870097 Synthetic biology: a "Synbio-ethics" needed.  
207870096 Forgetting the dead: digital epitaphs and memory in the 21st century.  
207870095 Ethics envisions science: a proactive approach.  
207870094 After the double helix ... what?  
207870093 After boundaries, dichotomies, and such: some contemporary bioethical perspectives on the history and Philosophy of science.  
207870092 Analysis of factors associated with the potential municipal bankruptcy of Jefferson County.  
207870091 Theoretical perspectives to understand Korean immigrant women's marital abuse.  
207870090 Religious fundamentalism and taboos: attentional bias and psychophysiological effects.  
207870089 Perimortem and postmortem fracture patterns in deer femora.  
207870088 Gender differences in perceptions of academic dishonesty: a comparison of students and faculty perceptions.  
207870087 The historical ecology of human and wild primate vivax-type malarias in Amazonia.  
207870086 Stonewall Plantation.  
207870085 Spontaneous order and structural change in Salem, Alabama (1907-1939).  
207870084 Provenience, procurement and production: understanding lithic source use from a Woodland site in Wilcox County, Alabama.  
207870083 Lamar Complicated Stamped and Carthage Incised ceramics associated with Protohistoric domestic structures at Hickory Ground.