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1. Snap-in locking means consisting of a base plate (12) with a bolt (16) which projects upwardly at right angles at the front end of said base plate, and with two transversely-aligned bearing eyelets (22) formed at the rear ends of said base plate, in which eyelets transverse pins (24) of a curved closure bar (14) are pivotably mounted, the said bar having in its frontal region, on the bottom side, a blind hole (26) into which the bolt (16) is engaged when the curved closure bar (14) is in the closed position, and with a plate spring (18) which is secured on the bottom side of the base plate (12) and whose free end presses against a prolongation (28) of the curved closure bar (14), the bearing eyelets (22) being of elongate construction and each having an upper boundary surface (30) which extends forwards and downwards from a highest place at the rear on an at least approximately sloping path, the spacing distance (x), measured at right angles to the axis of the blind hole, between the middle of the blind hole and the middle of the transverse pin, in the open position of the curved closure bar (14), being smaller than the spacing distance (y) measured at right angles to the axis of the bolt, between the axis of the bolt and the highest places of the bearing eyelets (22), characterised in that the difference between the distances (x, y) is kept at least approximately maintained in the closed position of the curved closure bar (14), and the transverse pins (24), in this closed position, are displaced along the upper boundary surface (30) of the bearing eyelets (22), away from the highest places.

Hippold, Richard
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Hippold, Richard
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A41D5/00; (IPC1-7): A41F1/00
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Hübner, Hans-Joachim, Dipl.-Ing. (87435 Kempten, DE)