Portable air purifier
United States Patent D855785

Kim, Hojung (Seoul, KR)
Ko, Reaok (Seoul, KR)
Lim, Heeseung (Seoul, KR)
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(IPC1-7): 2304
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D23/355, D23/356, D23/359, D23/364, D23/370, D23/386
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Hill, Keli L.
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Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch, LLP

1. The ornamental design for a portable air purifier, as shown and described.


1. Portable air purifier

1.1 : Perspective

1.2 : Front

1.3 : Back

1.4 : Left

1.5 : Top

1.6 : Bottom

1.7 : Exploded

The broken lines depict portions of the portable air purifier that form no part of the claimed design; reproduction 1.1 is a front perspective view of the portable air purifier; reproduction 1.2 is a front view thereof; reproduction 1.3 is a back view thereof; reproduction 1.4 is a left view thereof where the right view is a mirror image; reproduction 1.5 is a top view thereof; reproduction 1.6 is a bottom view thereof; reproduction 1.7 is an exploded front view thereof; this is a design for a portable air purifier which can be attached to the window, etc. by its suction plate at the bottom part; as you can see in reproduction 1.7, the main body of the air purifier can be detached and used separately from the suction plate at the bottom part.