Housing for air freshener
United States Patent D836761

Bisognin, Maurizio (Nichelino, IT)
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MKS S.R.L. (Nichelino, IT)
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(IPC1-7): 2304
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D23/355-365, D23/351, D23/353, D23/354, D23/332, D23/333, D23/335, D23/342, D23/371, D23/385, D23/388, 422/120, 422/122, 55/245, 55/473, 55/504, 96/97, 261/DIG.17, 261/DIG.65, 261/DIG.88, 261/DIG.31
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Pellegrini, Melanie
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MARIO APRA (Via Bertola, 2 Torino I-10121)

1. The ornamental design for a housing for air freshener, as shown and described.


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1. Housing for air freshener

Fig. 1.1 top right side perspective

Fig. 1.2 rear left side perspective

Fig. 1.3 left side

Fig. 1.4 front

Fig. 1.5 front left side perspective

Fig. 1.6 rear

Fig. 1.7 top