Heat sink
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Bando, Seiji (Hyogo, JP)
Moriyama, Hirotake (Hyogo, JP)
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D13/179, 438/122
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Communication dated Mar. 17, 2017, dispatched from the Intellectual Property Office of Taiwan in counterpart application No. 105305943.
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Shields, Rhea
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1. The ornamental design for a heat sink, as shown and described.


1., 3.-4. Heat sink

1.1 : Front

1.2 : Back

1.3 : Top

1.4 : Bottom

1.5 : Left

1.6 : Right

1.7 : Top perspective view

1.8 : Bottom perspective view

1.9 : Cross-sectional

3.1 : Front

3.2 : Back

3.3 : Top

3.4 : Bottom

3.5 : Left

3.6 : Right

3.7 : Top perspective view

3.8 : Bottom perspective view

3.9 : Cross-sectional

4.1 : Front

4.2 : Back

4.3 : Top

4.4 : Bottom

4.5 : Left

4.6 : Right

4.7 : Top perspective view

4.8 : Bottom perspective view

4.9 : Cross-sectional

The articles are heat sink for heat release and cooling of electric and electronic equipment, such as television integrated circuits and lighting apparatus; reproduction No. 1.9 is a cross-sectional view sectioned vertically at the center of the right view No. 1.6; reproduction No. 3.9 is a cross-sectional view sectioned vertically at the center of the right view No. 3.6; reproduction No. 4.9 is a cross-sectional view sectioned vertically at the center of the right view No. 4.6.