Textile article including a perforation pattern
United States Patent D784706

Mcclain, Julian (Baltimore, MD, US)
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Under Armour, Inc. (Baltimore, MD, US)
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(IPC1-7): 0505
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D5/1-4, D5/18, D5/30, D5/43, D5/47, D5/53, D5/55, D5/56, D5/60, D5/63, D5/64, D5/99, D19/1, D19/5, D20/27, D20/28, D25/138, D25/150, D25/151, D25/156
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Primary Examiner:
Acker, Karen S.
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Under Armour, Inc. (2601 PORT COVINGTON DR Baltimore MD 21230)

1. The ornamental design for a textile article including a perforation pattern, as shown and described.


The sole FIGURE is top plan view of a textile article including a perforation pattern showing my new design.

The bottom plan view of the textile article of the sole FIGURE is the same as the illustrated top plan view. Accordingly, the bottom plan is not illustrated. The dash-dot lines in the FIGURE, defining the bounds of the claimed design, form no part thereof.