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Bertrand, Simone (Kronberg, DE)
Hübner, Marlis (Kronberg, DE)
Schmid, Franziska (Kronberg, DE)
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(IPC1-7): 0403
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D4/104, D4/101, D4/110, D4/108, 15/167.1, 15/143.1, 15/28
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Shields, Rhea
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THE PROCTER & GAMBLE COMPANY (Global IP Services Central Building, C9 One Procter and Gamble Plaza CINCINNATI OH 45202)

1. The ornamental design for a toothbrush, as shown and described.


1.-2. Toothbrushes

1.1 is a perspective view;

1.2 is a front view;

1.3 is a side view;

1.4 is back view;

1.5 is a side view;

1.6 is top view and

1.7 is bottom view.

2.1 is a perspective view;

2.2 is a front view;

2.3 is a side view;

2.4 is back view;

2.5 is a side view;

2.6 is top view and

2.7 is bottom view.

The design is a new, original and ornamental design for a toothbrush showing perspective, front, right side, rear, left side, top plan and bottom view thereof.