Brush for animals
United States Patent D782132

Cathaud, Eddy (L'Hôpital le Grand, FR)
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(IPC1-7): 3004
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D30/158, D30/159, D32/18, D32/17, D32/31, D32/32, D24/200, D24/112, 119/600, 119/611, D4/121, D4/127, D4/138, D4/102, D4/130, D28/18
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Shields, Rhea
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PERRIER Jean-Pierre (55 rue Barthelemy Villemagne Veauche F-42340)

1. The ornamental design for brush for animals, as shown and described.


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1. Brush for animals

1.1 : Perspective

1.2 : Front

1.3 : Back

1.4 : Left

1.5 : Right

1.6 : Bottom

1.7 : Top