Table lamp
United States Patent D779705

Starck, Philippe (Brescia, IT)
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FLOS S.P.A. (Bovezzo, IT)
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(IPC1-7): 2603
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D26/93, D26/61, D26/110, D26/107, D26/106, D26/111, D26/108, D26/112, D26/142, D26/84, D6/708, 362/358
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Shields, Rhea
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Thomas | Horstemeyer, LLP

1. The ornamental design for a table lamp, as shown and described.


1. Table lamp

1.1 is a top perspective view;

1.2 is a bottom perspective view;

1.3 is a side view;

1.4 is a side view;

1.5 is a top view; and

1.6 is a bottom view.

The model regards a table lamp with a base, a supporting rod vertically protruding from the base, a lighting cap, and a transparent shade supported by the cap.