Camouflage pattern
United States Patent D700441

Johnston, Nicholas Adrian (Baltimore, MD, US)
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Under Armour, Inc. (Baltimore, MD, US)
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(IPC1-7): 0505
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D13/182, D25/138, D25/139, D25/140, D25/156, 117/95, 257/77, 257/255, 257/627, 257/628, 438/149, 438/150, 438/689, 438/690, 438/691, 438/692, 438/697, D5/32, D5/35, D5/43, D5/44, D5/47, D5/57, D5/62, D5/99, 428/17, 428/187, 428/904.4, 428/919
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Oswecki, Elizabeth J.
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Under Armour, Inc. (2601 PORT COVINGTON DR Baltimore MD 21230)

1. The ornamental design for a camouflage pattern, as shown and described.


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The sole FIGURE is a top plan view of a camouflage pattern showing my new design.