Recessed door stop
United States Patent D611804

Davidson, Henry (14928 Blue Rock Dr., Chester, VA, 23836, US)
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Brooks, Cathron C.
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Fox, Barbara
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Martin, Paul R.

1. The ornamental design for a recessed door stop, as shown and described.


FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the recessed door stop of this invention showing how it is positioned in a door, and door jamb.

FIG. 2 is front perspective view of the recessed door stop of this invention.

FIG. 3 is a rear perspective view of the recessed door stop of this invention; and,

FIG. 4 is an enlarged view of the recessed door stop shown in FIG. 2, showing the relationship of various component parts.

The broken line showing of a door, doorjamb, and hinges in FIG. 1 shows environmental structure and forms no part of the claimed design.