Display device with a moveable assembly
United States Patent D494971

Jobs, Steven P. (Palo Alto, CA)
Andre, Bartley K. (Menlo Park, CA)
Hillman, Michael D. (Campbell, CA)
Tsai, Frank (San Jose, CA)
Mcbroom, Michael D. (Leonard, TX)
Mcbroom, Daniel L. (Leonard, TX)
Sudderth, Brian T. (Leonard, TX)
Brigham, Arthur S. (Sunnyvale, CA)
Jensen, Joel F. (Redwood City, CA)
Brownell Jr., Robert B. (Decatur, GA)
Kim, Sung (Palo Alto, CA)
Mcdonald, Anwyl M. (Lafayette, CA)
Mead Jr., Russell C. (Mountain View, CA)
Meuniot, Arturo (San Francisco, CA)
Beltran, Jesus (Mountain View, CA)
Ive, Jonathan (San Francisco, CA)
Stringer, Christopher J. (Pacifica, CA)
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Apple Computer, Inc. (Cupertino, CA)
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248/124.1, 345/173, D14/337, 248/917-924, 248/184.1, 348/184, 708/272, 248/586, 248/183.3, 345/87, D14/371, 349/11, D14/374, 348/325, 349/1, 349/62, D14/125-129, 345/104, 345/156, 349/2, 348/838, 345/168, 348/180, 348/739, D14/375, D14/336
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Nunn, Freda S.
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Blakely, Sokoloff, Taylor & Zafman LLP
1. The ornamental design for a display device with a moveable assembly, as shown and described.

FIG. 1 shows a front perspective view of a display device with a moveable assembly attached to a flat panel display and to a pyramidal base, the moveable assembly shown in a first position; and,

FIG. 2 shows a back perspective view of a display device with a moveable assembly attached to a flat panel display and to a pyramidal base, the moveable assembly shown in a second position.