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D811039 Indoor parcel locker  
D811038 Indoor parcel locker  
D810479 Device for displaying decorative items on a grave marker  
D810388 Cross-shaped safety switch  
D810387 Oak leaf memorial marker  
D810386 Lotus memorial marker  
D810383 Rose memorial  
D810189 Coin depositing and dispensing apparatus  
D810384 Dogwood memorial  
D810385 Lily memorial  
D810389 Indoor parcel locker  
D809736 Maple leaf memorial marker  
D809735 Pet burial or cremation bag  
D809739 Indoor parcel locker  
D809738 Urn attachment  
D809737 Pine memorial marker  
D809239 Automated teller machine  
D808692 Cornucopia shaped self help aid  
D808609 Pet burial or cremation bag  
D808297 Coin holding base for decorative articles  
D808109 Gun safe  
D808108 Urn in the shape of a book  
D806978 Self-service terminal  
D806637 Cycle safe  
D806979 Self-service terminal  
D806349 Self-service terminal  
D805719 Wall-mounted mailbox with shelf  
D805716 Grave marker medallion  
D805718 Wall-mounted mailbox  
D805717 Grave cross  
D805715 Urn  
D804139 Baby feet rosary  
D803509 Sports mailbox  
D803507 Automated teller machine  
D803508 Long gun lock box  
D802879 Wall-mounted mailbox and mail compartment  
D802877 Multispace parking pay station  
D802872 Vault  
D802875 Multispace parking pay station  
D802873 Safe  
D802874 Multispace parking pay station  
D802878 Multispace parking pay station  
D802876 Multispace parking pay station  
D802248 Mailbox  
D802249 Indoor parcel lockers  
D800989 Storage box  
D800414 Indoor parcel lockers  
D800413 Indoor parcel lockers  
D800412 Casket lid cover  
D799784 Indoor parcel lockers