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D828742 High security anti-splash system cuffing box  
D828974 Mailbox flag holder  
D828674 Automated teller machine  
D827974 Turtle coin bank  
D826513 Cross with internal lights and apertures  
D826514 Automated teller machine  
D825958 Personal locker  
D825883 Automated teller machine  
D825884 Gun safe  
D825134 Self-service terminal  
D825133 Automated teller machine  
D825132 Columbarium with memorial band  
D824634 Hand-held apparatus for meditation  
D824134 Giraffe coin bank  
D821679 Cluster box mail delivery unit  
D821678 Casket  
D820640 Ceremonial cup  
D820554 Automated teller machine  
D817589 Vault  
D817588 Heart-shaped urn  
D816289 Grave marker medallion  
D815389 Safe lock panel  
D815388 Automatic teller machine  
D814739 Safe for storage of monetary bills  
D814139 Money savings container  
D814138 Pet burial or cremation bag  
D813059 Parking meter  
D812336 Cremation urn  
D812337 Cremation urn with decorative applique applied thereto  
D812338 Butterfly niche memorial marker  
D812339 Butterfly memorial marker  
D811687 Container for valuables  
D811689 Escutcheon plate for a safe  
D811686 Safe  
D811688 Indoor parcel locker  
D811039 Indoor parcel locker  
D811038 Indoor parcel locker  
D810479 Device for displaying decorative items on a grave marker  
D810388 Cross-shaped safety switch  
D810387 Oak leaf memorial marker  
D810386 Lotus memorial marker  
D810383 Rose memorial  
D810189 Coin depositing and dispensing apparatus  
D810384 Dogwood memorial  
D810385 Lily memorial  
D810389 Indoor parcel locker  
D809736 Maple leaf memorial marker  
D809735 Pet burial or cremation bag  
D809739 Indoor parcel locker  
D809738 Urn attachment