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D863715 Cassette holder for use in an automated teller machine  
D863714 Digital piggy bank  
D862829 Terminal  
D862827 Casket  
D862828 Cover for a casket  
D860578 Cremation urn  
D860577 Cremation urn  
D860579 Portable safe  
D859777 Casket lid  
D859779 Coin capsule  
D859776 Urn  
D859778 Kiosk  
D858929 Fitted security bag for temporary cremation urn  
D858028 Casket  
D858029 Mailbox insert  
D856629 Cremation urn with decorative applique applied thereto  
D855927 Urn-lowering device  
D855929 Cluster box mail delivery unit  
D855928 Fish cross ornament  
D855279 Helmet piggy bank  
D855278 Tapered columbarium  
D854777 Lock box  
D854779 Package delivery box  
D854776 Columbarium with cross  
D854778 Lock box  
D854279 Electronic mailbox  
D854277 Base of a casket  
D854278 Concealment box  
D853678 Parking pay station video display cap  
D853677 Body container of a casket  
D853679 Parking pay station video display cap  
D853079 Parking pay station video display cap  
D853076 Automated teller machine  
D853075 Automated transaction machine  
D853074 Coffin  
D853077 Automatic cash dispenser  
D853078 Package compartment  
D852453 Rosary  
D852454 Parking pay station video display cap  
D851853 Bear shaped urn  
D851854 Mail receptacle  
D851354 Portable headstone monument  
D850054 Automated teller machine  
D849354 Body for safe  
D848703 Cremation urn  
D848704 Rosary  
D847454 Gift crate bank  
D847452 Lite terminal  
D847453 Concealment box  
D846228 Memorial block with a base