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D671295 Urn  
D670885 Gold bar shaped coin bank  
D670135 Chalice  
D669655 Coin bank  
D669245 Coat rack wall safe  
D669244 Secure deposit box  
D668833 Container for saving biographical and/or biological objects and/or information  
D668834 Personal stations of the cross  
D668835 Money holding box  
D668047 Storage box  
D668015 Money compact case  
D667605 Coin bank and valet  
D667604 Simplicity urn  
D667195 Portable fireproof safe  
D666785 Individually packaged communion host  
D666024 Pedistal table  
D665965 Memorial  
D665802 Card slot bezel  
D665555 Unmanned cash desk  
D665554 Jewelry in the shape of a cross  
D664325 Safe door  
D664324 Headstone frame  
D663915 Coffin  
D663505 Payment terminal for a fuel dispenser  
D663095 Crucifix that includes soil from predetermined places  
D662685 Vault  
D662684 Tombstone sleeve  
D662275 Display case  
D661864 Lighted cross  
D661865 Dog-shaped mailbox  
D661455 Container  
D661045 Hunter casket  
D660545 Burial urn  
D659944 Safe  
D659945 Children's educational savings bank  
D659943 Urn  
D659942 Storage container  
D659748 Payment terminal for a fuel dispenser  
D659345 Safe  
D659344 Safe  
D658844 Coffin  
D658845 Wrapper for communion wafer  
D656295 Headstone enhancement  
D655885 Safe  
D655794 Pipe hold down device  
D655065 Urn  
D654653 Cremation urn  
D654655 Safe door  
D654654 Safe  
D654245 Paw urn