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D689665 Automated teller machine  
D688024 Safe  
D688025 Money bank  
D687205 Pet memorial  
D686795 Rosary  
D686385 Three-piece cross assembly  
D685975 Meditation wand and fringe  
D685565 Paw ornament  
D685155 Financial transaction machine  
D684745 User terminal enclosure  
D683105 Solar powered and illuminated tombstone  
D682504 Automated teller machine  
D682505 Coin holder  
D681717 Payment terminal for a fuel dispenser  
D681905 Gravesite border  
D681305 Mailbox  
D680295 Globe gun vault  
D680294 Rosary prayer stand  
D680156 Cabinet automated payment system  
D679745 Payment terminal for a fuel dispenser  
D679885 Bank teller counter  
D679475 Mailbox  
D678655 Wall-mount mailbox  
D678651 Automatic teller machine  
D678652 Financial transaction machine  
D678654 Wall-mount mailbox  
D678653 Drive-up financial transaction machine  
D677463 Closable box  
D677854 Rosary  
D677714 Payment terminal for a fuel dispenser  
D677855 Cash box  
D677035 Automated teller machine  
D676215 Item sorting device  
D675955 Funeral urn  
D674985 Automated teller machine  
D674574 Adjustable reusable casket  
D674575 Post  
8348771 Cross shaft member and cross shaft joint with the same  
A cross shaft member has four shaft portions arranged in a generally cross-shape around an outer periphery of a body portion thereof, and a recessed portion is formed in the body portion, and has...
D673755 Coin bank  
D673344 Sand ceremony vase assembly  
D673345 Safe  
D672935 Urn in the shape of a bird  
D672934 Infant casket  
D672525 Automated teller machine  
D672524 Top panel for a casket  
D671742 Storage box  
D671743 Closable box  
D671705 Drawer safe  
D671295 Urn  
D670885 Gold bar shaped coin bank