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D709265 Automated teller machine  
D708812 Urn  
D708814 Automated teller machine  
D708813 Menorah  
D708815 Collection canister  
D708414 Coin bank  
D708415 Coin bank  
D707012 Self-service terminal  
D707015 Collection canister  
D707013 Automatic teller machine  
D707014 Automatic teller machine  
D706515 Container for printed Christian prayers  
D706015 Urn  
D703914 Pet fish burial pod  
D703915 Pet urn enclosure  
D703912 Pet burial pod  
D703913 Pet cremation urn  
D703415 Egg shaped cremation urn  
D702913 Financial transaction machine  
D702915 Delivery receptacle  
D702914 Financial transaction machine  
D702414 Receipt tip tray with magnifier  
D702413 Receipt tip tray with a raised magnifier  
D702415 Fare collection machine  
D702015 Money bank  
D701365 Fare collection machine  
D700764 Cremation urn  
D700765 Oval cremation urn  
D700415 Mailbox gasket  
D699914 Urn  
D699915 All weather mailbox opening indicator  
D698514 Casket cover  
D698515 Storage cabinet for tablets  
D696835 Base for post  
D696834 Coin bank  
D696833 Headstone border  
D696832 Heart shaped cremation urn  
D696484 Automated teller machine  
D696485 Automated teller machine  
D695485 Lockable container  
D694985 Memorial carrier  
D694485 Safe handle  
D693983 Financial transaction machine  
D693984 Drive-up financial transaction machine  
D693985 Safe handle  
D693534 Pet memorial planter  
D693535 Lock box  
D693085 Coin bank  
D692634 Casket cover  
D692635 Coin bank