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D725340 Fare collection box  
D724810 Casket for motorcyclists  
D724814 Cash box  
D724811 Safe deposit box  
D724815 Automated teller machine surround  
D724812 Automated teller machine  
D724813 Coin inserting and receiving machine  
D724290 Automated teller machine  
D722740 Financial transaction machine  
D722739 Financial transaction terminal  
8943762 Cremated remains remembrance and burial system  
A cremated remains remembrance and burial system that includes an urn, an urn lid, an urn enclosure and a headstone. The urn includes an enclosure with an opening, a first sealing mechanism and...
D721864 Memorial with drawer  
D721865 Memorial with drawer  
D721215 Automated teller machine  
D720394 Cash drawer  
D720115 Coin bank  
D719344 Prescription safe for medicine cabinet  
D719714 Cremation urn  
D719715 Waterproof toilet puck safe  
D719314 Monument  
D719315 Safe  
D718915 Coin bank  
D718515 Urn  
D718015 Display safe  
D717515 Tear drop cremation urn  
D716515 Automated teller machine  
D715514 Lighted cross  
D715513 Shin-shaped menorah  
D715515 Delivery receptacle  
D715015 Safe handle block  
D714515 Safe handle  
D714513 Diversion safe  
D714514 Container for deliveries  
D714015 Device for securing a firearm  
D714014 Cremation urn  
D713615 Safe rack  
D713614 Wall-mount mailbox  
D713115 Automatic teller machine  
D712614 Automatic teller machines  
D712615 Mount for a mailbox  
D712114 Cylindrical meditation spiral  
D712113 Conical meditation spiral  
D712115 Mount for a mailbox  
D711615 Pet casket  
D711064 Engravable cremation vault  
D711063 Coffin  
D711065 Auto-attendant self-service terminal  
D710065 Auto-attendant self-service terminal  
D709665 Firearm safe  
D709264 Automated teller machine