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D759939 Grave marker with flags and solar powered light  
D759340 3D front panel of lock-box  
D759339 Memorial display case  
D759338 Cremation urn with decorative applique applied thereto  
D758690 Firearm safe  
D758040 Escutcheon plate for a safe  
D757466 Cross-shaped display frame for insertion of display material  
D757390 Safe in the form of a cinder block  
D757389 Automated teller machine  
D756590 Cross  
D756062 Transparent casket  
D756063 Display stand for a cremation urn  
D756065 Safe resembling studio rack gear  
D756064 Financial transaction machine  
D755465 Twin-book concealment container  
D752367 Cross-shaped display stand  
D752368 Cross-shaped display stand  
D752314 Beveled front security box  
D752315 Frog with crown  
D752313 Crematory urn  
D751790 Lighted cross  
D750340 Lock box  
D749290 Automatic teller machine  
D748889 Push button lockbox  
D748888 Multispace parking pay station  
D748890 Safe in the form of a brick  
D748365 Entire lock box with 3D front panel  
D748362 Urn with picture holder  
D748364 Multispace parking pay station  
D748363 Housing for a crematory urn  
D747065 Lockable desktop inbox  
D746539 Automated teller machine  
D746086 Cross-shaped display stand  
D746538 Automated teller machine  
D746540 Device for an ATM card slot  
D746015 Multispace parking pay station  
D745820 Connector  
D745793 Cross-shaped display stand  
D745765 Cluster box mail delivery unit  
D745764 Urn  
D744715 Safe  
D744190 Door for a safe  
D743665 Gun safe handle with bullets  
D742090 Multispace parking pay station  
D741040 Financial transaction machine  
D740515 Drop box  
D739639 Multispace parking pay station  
D739638 Multispace parking pay station  
D739636 Casket  
D739640 Combined mailbox, brace and post