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D779772 Multispace parking pay station  
D779148 Automated teller machine  
D779149 Illuminated cash drawer  
D778024 Retrofitted locker  
D776962 Cross-shaped display stand  
D776464 Cross-shaped display stand  
D776899 Currency electronic safe  
D776399 Automated teller machine  
D774806 Cross-shaped display stand  
D774722 Automated teller machine  
D774272 Safe  
D773954 Grave cross  
D773772 Mailbox  
D773771 ATM kiosk  
D773147 Memorial marker  
D772521 Money order printing ATM  
D772520 Urn  
D772522 Lock box  
D771347 Mailbox  
D770722 Bank box for holding money  
D770721 Cemetary monument  
D769571 Automated teller machine  
D769568 Casket cover  
D769570 Self-service terminal  
D769569 Kiosk  
D769572 Automated teller machine  
D768414 Cross-shaped display frame for insertion of display material  
D768416 Cross-shaped display stand  
D768350 Cash storing apparatus  
D767240 Post cover  
D767238 Cremation urn and display  
D767239 Coin depositing and dispensing apparatus  
D766540 Automated teller machine  
D765940 Combined mailbox, brace and post  
D765340 Automated teller machine  
D763539 Tea light cremation urn  
D763540 Monetary device  
D762940 Lockable suggestion drop box  
D762516 Pumpkin shaped embossed Easter egg  
D762340 Tea light cremation urn  
D762040 Multispace parking pay station  
D762039 Lid for an urn  
D761515 Dual layered coin holder  
D759938 Grave marker with flags and solar powered light  
D759940 Automated teller machine with locational LED side bar lights  
D759939 Grave marker with flags and solar powered light  
D759340 3D front panel of lock-box  
D759339 Memorial display case  
D759338 Cremation urn with decorative applique applied thereto  
D758690 Firearm safe