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D452945 Urn  
D452873 Bank note checking machine  
6330942 Coin collecting card and information relating thereto  
A coin collecting card and information relating thereto for removably holding a coin and relating information pertinent to that coin. The coin collecting card and information relating thereto...
D452358 Nestable mailbox  
D452151 Lidded container  
D452058 Funerary urn  
D451258 Columbarium  
D450908 Commemorative quarter display  
D450907 Paper currency machine  
D450418 Mailbox insert  
D450170 Mailbox  
D449727 Roadside mailbox protective shield  
D449420 Self service terminal  
D449183 Coin display device  
D449418 Keepsake urn and picture holder  
D449161 Security case  
D448911 Combined mailbox and post  
D448912 Coin display holder for the fifty statehood quarters  
D447850 Kneeling pad  
D447052 Transparent plastic display case with removable holding insert  
D447313 Mailbox mail delivery signal  
D446902 Rosary  
D446625 Mailbox housing and stand  
D446624 Molded casket dish  
D446378 Letter box  
D446011 Storage device for unattended, package pick-up and delivery  
D446377 ATM surround  
D446380 Combination gumball dispenser and coin bank  
D446379 Stop sign mailbox flag  
D445990 Article holder with coin sorter  
D445622 Pillow  
D445991 Electronic safe box nameplate  
D445989 Mailbox  
D445557 Urn container for bone ash  
6264025 Coin display and indexing method  
A device is provided in the form of a map of the United States to display a set of commemorative coins in relation to state geographic regions associated with the coins. A color-coded indexing...
D445446 Dinosaur shaped coin sorter  
D445556 Cremation urn  
D445555 Casket  
D445448 Reciprocating coin moving mechanism for transparent coin sorter  
D445235 Coin retrieval device  
D445234 Storage device for unattended, package pick up and delivery  
D445124 Bank note dispenser  
D444932 Cremation urn  
D444610 Abrasive resistant pad  
D444609 Mailbox  
D444287 Panel cremation urn  
D444289 Abrasive resistant open cell seabed block  
D443970 Cross  
D443971 Curbside mailbox  
D443401 Nascar racing mailbox